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    Rims and tyres for hilux

    Hey guys, I bought myself a 4door Toyota hilux sr5 and I'm wanting to put new rims on it.. As some of u might know there is a weight limit with what rims and tyres you put on.. I have checked all the rim load capacity and it's all sweet, ( rims: CSA sniper 20inch) but I'm having trouble...
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    DH Frame...

    hey guys im looking to buy a new downhill frame soon.. has any one got any sugestions on what to buy? ive been looking at the 951,knolly,makulu.. if use could list 1 or even a few that'll help. thanks nathan....
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    Few Pics of Moony Riding with the CHUNKED topcrown/stem...

    Went out with Moony today and took a few pics of him testing out the new stem/topcrown.. hope use like them. coments..... MOONY... CHUNKED.COM.AU Enjoy!
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    DIY Boppa Booter!!!!

    Went out to diy for a build and ride day... The new boppa booter is 36foot in length and its HUGE! Just a few pics from later in the day and im fair happy with them.. sorry about the sizing if there to big.. comment and enjoy!!! MASE the filmer for the day BRENT brenty with a...
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    DIY Sesh at the Heights

    Went out to DIY this arvo in the heights.. finally we had some sun out, to take a few snaps. All the rain has washed our tracks away so we need to rebuild most of it up again!! sawley and myself were taking the pics.. hope u guys enjoy them.. COMMENT! RIDERS MASE ( Trek) TODD (Giant...
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    Just a DIY sesh

    just went out for another afternoon ride. it got dark fair quick so we didnt have much time to shoot.. just a copule of shots of todd and jay.. im still not used to the camera, so im still playin around with it.. sorry about the size if its to big..anyway hope use enjoy!! comment...
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    Riding cycles in the heights.

    Hey guys. Brang the new camera out for the 1st time.. Just played around and kinda got used to it.. Sawley and myself was taking the pics. I had the fash with me but when i turned it on the battery was FLAT!!!!!! so just shot normally.. Hope use like them but remember it was the 1st time with...
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    i like bikes
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    1st Shire Profiles vid Preview.. Rider Brendan Moon

    Hey guys. uploaded this vid for my mate, he couldnt upload it on his account for some reason. Any way this is the preview vid for shire profiles. Rider: Brendan Moon. filmed and edited by Mason Ward. hope u guys enjoy it and there will be more to come......... comments plz...
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    New local dh track

    Just started building a new track in the heights. its fast n bit tec at same time not really long yet as we have just started building it. hopefully more pics will come up soon.. Comment!! 1st start off with Mase (Trek) Now with Sawley (Rotec)
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    Good old hucking,jumps and drifts

    Went out again late in the arvo, just to get out of the house n ride!!. Went to chill at maniken, was bit boring so we headed off to shearwater to do some small jumps,drifts and some old style hucks!!!!! comment!!! fav pic for the day (mase) moony lovessss the hucks!!! mase...
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    Quick DH Sesh

    went out today with the boys.. took some happy snaps of them riding, just a few pics i got comment and enjoy! Fav pic of the day ( bodor doing what he loves doing ) moony wid a fair good snap petey moony pete moony petey moony
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    chilled DH ride

    just went out for a chilled sesh again after school.. brang out the 70-200 2.8.. just trying to get used to it and got a few good snaps out of it... comments plz.... enjoy!! fav pic of the day ( so clear ) Todd Sawley Mase Sawley Mase Mase
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    Green Transition Bank

    Got my new transition bank today. so stoked about it. i waited 3 and a half weeks for this n finally got it:). couldnt be botherd putting all the spec down so just gonna post heaps of pics up.. hope use like it comment plz :):):) weight is 13kg:)
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    Quick DH Ride

    went for a quick ride, spent 40mins at sawley waiting for him to fix his bike( beeksma was fireing up!) but after that all happend went out for a quick ride n got a few snaps.. quiet happy wid thim... ENJOY!!! factory trek rider! sawley beeksma mase darty sawley...
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    a few DJ snaps

    went out a few weeks ago and rode hedge row.. dragged jordy out with his new commencal and his still super smooth! moony gettin the fat whips out while petey still styles it.. and bodor with his madd back flips!!!.. moony:white astrix pete: blue morewood bodor:blue/white yeti jordy:fluro...
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    Giant Glory 00

    Size M:17, Frame ALUXX SL FluidFormed™ alloy Maestro 8” travel Fork Fox 40RC2 w/ti spring, 20mm t/axle, 8”/203mm Shock Fox DHX RC4 coil,400pound spring Handlebar Fsa gravity 800 Grips Giant lock-on Stem Race face Diablous D2 oversize alloy, 4 bolt Seat Post Giant Contact oversize...
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    advice for the new transition bank

    hey guys just woundering if its worth getting the transition bank. i will mostly be doin 4x and dj's.. is the price $2300 a good price for what the bike is? or is it just to ovapriced?? cheers-
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    local DH pics...

    just went out for a DH ride, still trying to get used to the new flash and stuff. at the end of the day i started to work things out so the pics of the jump is a bit shabby .... so yeh.. MASE: Trek TODD:Glory SAWLEY: Rotec sawley todd mase usually wares clothes sawley...
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    few pics i thourght i may as well put up...

    gonna put some pics up later tomorrow.........