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  1. todd28

    MRP g3 mini parts?

    So I managed to snap the bash guard/ roller bracket that bolts onto back plate on my MRP G3 mini chain guide. The back plate is fine it's just that bash guard that snapped. Is there a shop/ website where I can get this part from or will I need to buy a whole new guide? Cheers
  2. todd28

    Trading access FAQ

    As with the previous people when applying for trading access the box does not let me reach the 200 character limit. I understand that it should keep expanding as I type but for some reason it wont. For example this is what Typed and where it cut out: "Hi Gaining trading access will be a...
  3. todd28

    2012 nsw/act state dh dates

    Sorry if this has already been asked, but what time does rego close on Saturday?
  4. todd28

    Crank Brothers 2012 5050 2 (Blk/Silver)

    Would these pedals be worth cutting the cost compared to the Crank Brothers 2012 5050 3 (Blk/Red)? I'm pretty well broke at the moment as im saving for schoolies and blowing majority of my money on the weekends anyways Thoughts?
  5. todd28

    VIC downhill Full face helmets

    Just order one off or
  6. todd28

    Electric Guitar

    I just got guitar pro 5 and there is no tab coming up? can anyone help me with this? I have tried clicking 'hide standard notation' and 'hide tablature' a few times but still, nothing,
  7. todd28

    Menai developement plans What are your thoughts? I know this isn't a new issue as it was originally brought up 10 years ago. But it would be a huge disappointment to see it go ahead.
  8. todd28

    Our new DH World Champs - Mont St Anne!!!

    That's such a seedy hair cut, each to their own i suppose. Still don't know how he does it, out for nearly a whole season and comes back to win champs. :p
  9. todd28

    World Cup World Cup Finals - Windham - DH Results

    ahahahahaha laughed out loud when someone threw a drink bottle at Gee's head when he won. And tim ^^ he crashed.
  10. todd28

    Best T.V show ever!!!

    man vs wild... not sure if some one has already said it, couldn't be bothered to read them all :p
  11. todd28

    DH Frame...

    ohk im sponsored by giant so i could of gotten you a good deal, maybe next time tho
  12. todd28

    DH Frame...

    I heard that 09 giant glory DH1's are pretty good, better than the 2010 glory 00's
  13. todd28

    Danger! High voltage!

    that bike is sooooooo hot! oh wow so jealous
  14. todd28

    Sam Hill spotted (pointless thread)

    ahahahahahahaha agreed we should see if it's ride able
  15. todd28

    2011 Downhill Dates

    Hopefully ourimbah because it's local, (well kinda :P ) but heard nothing but good things about coffs so im keen!
  16. todd28

    Champery World Cup thread!

    Mine keeps delaying it. It first said it was going to start around 7:10, then it just keeps adding a few hours?
  17. todd28

    Champery World Cup thread!

    Yer i got that impression too... When does it start? i have seen 9.30, 1.30 and half a dozen other times, when does it actually start?!?
  18. todd28

    Few Pics of Moony Riding with the CHUNKED topcrown/stem...

    It means it doesn't look very nice.... nice shot NK.. new stem looks good in pictures, wouldn't of noticed it if it wasn't pointed out. How much do they retail for?
  19. todd28

    2010 State Champs Lithgow By NBT

    Hey Neil awesome shots! If you have any more of rider 623 wearing the red/white/black tld kit riding a glory can you please send them to thanks. :)
  20. todd28

    Crazy aidy jumps red hill big double

    Massive gap! How long is it? and is that guy on a hard tail?