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    Suspension fork

    Hi all, I am after some help for a friend of mine and hope that someone can assist. Shane is a mid 50's typical Aussie battler. He had a stroke 10 days ago and has been told not to drive for 8-10 weeks at least. His sole means of transport is now a 1981 Malvern Star rigid bike which I have...
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    GT LTS frame size M-L

    Hi all I am after one of the above for old times sake so please let me know if you have one that you want to part with. I would prefer local to Brisbane but I will consider postage at my expense. Cheers
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    Sold :D :D
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    Sold yipee
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    Item:Litespeed Owl Hollow MTS Location:Brisbane Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Going overseas Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: Are you tired of turning up to a group ride to find every other bike is a Specialized or Giant just like yours?:D If so, I may have the...
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    A pair of 26" MTB rims or even a wheelset

    Item: 26" 32 hole MTB rims Location: Brissy Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on condition and rims Extra Info: I am after some decent rims to build up for trail riding. Burly enough to take 2.3 tyres and do a few small drops but still light enough to ride for hours. I will even consider a...
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    Item:2000 GT STS CARBON FIBRE dually frame size L or 19" Location:Brisvegas Item Condition:Excellent. It looks 8 weeks old not 8 years. Reason for selling:Selling for a friend who has gone overseas to work. Price and price conditions: SOLD Adjustable bottom bracket height/head angle...
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    XTR M952 short cage rear mech SOLD

    SOLD locally
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    27.2mm x 400mm seatpost to buy/swap.

    Hi all I am after a 27.2mm seat post to replace the stock one in a Raleigh XXIX. It need to be 400mm long to get the right ride height for me. I can pay cash or swap for an Easton EA30 27.2mm x 350mm post in VGC. I am in Brisvegas but will cover any postage costs. Cheers
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    Cheap front disc brake (or a pair at the right price)

    What: As above. A pair or just a front disc brake for a project. Price range/Willing to Pay: Not much but depends on what it is. Location: Brissy but will pay postage. Extra Info: Must inc a rotor and be in good working order. Cosmetically challenged/tatty is OK. I am happy with a hydraulic...
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    Sold. :):):):):):)
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    34.9mm top pull bottom swing front mech.

    What: As above Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on what you have Location: Brissy Extra Info: I need a front mech for a Giant AC for a friend of mine. I got one off Farkin a few weeks ago and had several more offered so I hope that some of those people will still have them available.:D...
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    Seatpost to fit Giant AC (30.9mm I think)

    What: As above and it needs to be fairly long ie Not cut down too much. Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on what post it is etc Location: Brissy Extra Info: I am sick of using the crappy 27.2mm post+shim combo. Let me know what you have folks Cheers.:)
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    20mm disc front wheel to buy/swap.

    What: As above Price range/Willing to Pay:Prefer swap but will buy depending on what is offered Location:Brisbane Extra Info:I am after one of the above to complete a project. I am not after anything too flash but it must be in good rideable condition. I will buy but would prefer to swap if...
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    Found. Thanks.
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    28.6mm front derailleur

    What: 28.6mm front mech of any quality but LX+ preferred. Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on what you have. Location: Brissy but will pay for postage. Extra Info: I need a bottom/dual pull model with top swing if possible although I may be able to get away with bottom swing at a push...
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    Marzocchi fork V brake posts

    What: V brake posts for a 2005 Marzocchi EXR pro fork Price range/Willing to Pay: Less than retail Location: Brisvegas Extra Info: These forks need a special type of post. Most forks have a small hole into which the pin on the V brake canti fits. In their wisdom, Marzocchi don't and the hole...
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    Hayes 6" disc brake adaptor

    What: Hayes 6" disc brake adaptor. Price range/Willing to Pay: I can get a new one for $30 so less than that. Location: Brisvegas. Extra Info: Hopefully someone has upgraded to 8" rotors and has the 6" adaptor going spare. :) Cheers.