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    NSW Sold

    Sold 10char
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    WTB 170mm-200mm forks

    Just looking for some forks in the Newcastle/Hunter region. Dual or single crown doesn't matter as long as there above 170mm. Cheers
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    Avid elixr

    Hey just a quick question, just about to purchase these and was wondering do these come with the mounts needed, there description is Front - 200mm - IS - G2CS Rotor So im guessing that means they come with IS adaptors am i right?
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    Help need advice from road experts

    Last night I had a car accident and the other car fled the scene. My issue is the damage on my car is on the front left and I was wondering if this can be turned around on me. The car came up behind me in the right lane and there was a car in the left lane so I couldn't change lanes then as he...
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    Fox parts suppliers aust

    I am just after some parts for my dhx5.0 air because i want to service/mod it, so who sells the parts in australia preferably nsw and does anyone have any good tips on the rp3 mods?
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    please delete

    sold please delete
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    Issue with single ring conversion

    I have just installed a single front ring on my bike with chainguide. Now i'm having the issue if i back pedal even the slightest my chain will come off the inside of the front ring I have noticed when i back pedal the deraileur seems to be catching and it pulls forward as i back pedal. What...
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    Rear shock

    My Fox Vanilla r on my coiler spends more time bottomed out than not so I need a rear shock thats 7.875" (200mm) with at least 2" stroke. I would prefer that it have compression adjustment but if its suitably stiff i may be interested. Cheers
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    What do you do for a Living

    At the moment i'm at a crossroad with my career and I am trying to decide what to do next with no idea what i'm interested in. So I thought id see what other people do and if that gives me ideas. So what do you do for a living and do you enjoy it and why? I'm a Metal Fabricator of heavy...
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    08 Dirt jumper issues

    I just bought some second hand 2008 Marzocchi dj1's. The forks when adjusted properly have a lot of play in them between the headtube and the steerer but then another quarter of a turn on the star nut locks up the steering, but theres still a tiny bit of play what can be causing this because my...
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    Instead of hi jacking the other thread, I've noticed a few others are keen in riding Monster skatepark on 24"/26" do you reckon its worth approaching them to see if something can be organised
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    Street in newcastle

    Anyone here ride street in newcastle? Any good spot ideas
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    Travel size for street

    Iv been noticing people use less travel for street riding can someone please school me on why its an advantage as i thought a taller shock would give you better leverage for bunny hops or are these people who claim this full of crap and its just preference?
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    WTB cheap manitou sherman lowers or cheap dj forks

    After some lowers again for my manitou sherman jumpers, i need 20mm axle 32mm stanchion lowers does anyone have any laying around or rigids with 20mm axle preferably in nsw
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    WTB cheap Dj fork or rigids

    Post up whatever you got, preferably 20mm axle
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    Shimano disc brake mineral oil

    Hey I'm up for new oil for my disc brakes and was wondering what else is commonly available that could be used instead as I have found some but not common too Australia
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    Street spots in newcastle

    Hey i know theres a few riders from Newcastle in here does any one know of any good street spots in Newcastle or surrounding suburbs, preferably not schools. I already know of Customs, Civic park and out the front of the theatre but any others would be greatly appreciated and if you dont want...
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    Railed Seatposts

    Hey im after a railed aluminium seat post but i don't wanna spend $50 on one when i don't even sit on my seat, anyone got any ideas of where to get a cheapie in nsw preferably or does anyone have one they don't use.
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    Whats your worst injury riding and how did you do it and did that deter you from riding. Mine was on saturday i did a luc-e grind down a ledge twice in a row but landed front wheel first so i gave it one more go to try and land cleaner so i went alot faster and when i hopped onto it i had my...