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    Noosa tewantin trails.

    Here's an idea; ride the trails that are already at Tewantin - get mummy or daddy to drop you off and have a blast. Oh, stop filling up the forums with your bullshit macho talk that you can't seem to withhold too. Nobody's going to give you any advice after reading through the first few...
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    AUS Newton's Nation - Results

    No and I can say that with much relief, there are quite a few people here who I'm sure are glad they also don't know you. Get over yourself. Oh wait, shouldn't I be saying "you're way cool tough as fukkk bro, fully sik, you rule!!!" There you go, perhaps that will add to your already...
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    I need a cheap Street MTB

    Either way the OP needs to get a clue before buying a bike or they'll be seriously sorry - either when they wake up in hospital after that "fully sikkk drop" or when the bike fails and mummy and daddy refuse to spend any more on "stupid bikes"! Do you see any pros at all riding these pieces of...
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    QLD SOLD please DELETE

    Sold! Please delete, mods
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    NSW SOLD Rockshox pike 426 09 model SOLD

    I notice you've either removed or broken the red rebound adjuster - it all works and isn't damaged in any way; I can just use a hex key or get a new knob, right? Secondly (never owned my own pair of RockShox forks) how much range of adjustment do you get with spring preload? I've only ever...
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    Powder Coating vs Spray Painting

    So $115, which is $40 more (are you getting the blasting and coat for $75?), is too much for you to afford when it's getting done by someone who's absolutely professional in all of their work? I mean, you're going to guys who probably do some large items so their attention to detail might not...
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    What's your chain lube/s..?

    That's not quite in line with what I thought..unless the lube is termed "wet weather" lube or something similar. I was under the influence a 'dry' lube is something which doesn't require a liquid to be present to allow sufficient lubrication: Rock n Roll is a dry lube as you remove most of...
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    World champs on tv right now!

    Did the freecaster feed use the same cameras? I missed that one due to bandwidth restrictions and would hate to know if they used better or different angles which showcased more of the technical sections. Good/bad to not see warner I thought. For one he'd probably be talking shit when the...
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    Fork and Shock compatibility

    While this might stand true for a really expensive piece of kit paired with a piece of dog crap, I don't think it necessarily matters most of the time. As long as you can make sufficient adjustments (on the fork or shock) that actually effect the handling of the bike then I'm sure you'll be...
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    Brisbane to Gold Coast Oct 10th-Gathering people who are riding DH,DJ,4x,FR-READ THIS

    How about bikes that aren't even fit to be sold at K-mart anymore? Don't really have a suitable bike (by that meaning something that is totally NOT suited for 100km of riding) other than some piece of shit old beaters nowadays. It'd be too easy on my XC bike.. God damn you global economic...
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    WANTED!! kona stinky deluxe D.O.P.E system

    I solved my problems by not buying a Kona..oh wait, I never had problems as I never bought a Kona lol :cool: ...probably woulda been tougher than my Norco was though...that was when my problems actually began hahahaha
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    New Five Ten Ba51c

    Hey, thanks for taking the time to actually give a shit about the forums you're posting on. You seem to be such a generous person who is also apparently really subtle in their SPAM attempts...(hint: take a look at your username and the website you're promoting, moron) Oh, wait...backtracing...
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    What's your chain lube/s..?

    Good to see some love for Rock n Roll. I'm an Extreme (blue) convert of about 4 years - it's the best stuff I've ever used. I've used various wax lubes and other dry lubes and nothing came close. I've had the same drivetrain on one of my bikes for over 2 years and it's still almost as good as...
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    Tri-Flow Soy. Warning.

    I bought a bottle of Tri-Flow once and it said something along the lines of....keep off skin..can cause genital mutation and birth defects... Only used it once before I read that and never used it again. I like my cock and balls not making women sick when they see them.
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    Did you know...

    Yeah, you actually believe this? We will know how smart you are based on your belief of this 'fact' In a pinch you can get away with using cooking oil in a spray can as chain lube. I don't recommend it (especially if you run disc brakes as it's much easier to contaminate them than a...
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    Need some info on PIKES please!

    Aren't Pikes discontinued? (this is why I'm trying to get some answers for the OP) I'm fairly sure Pikes have a steel steer tube, Revelations have alloy; Pikes have lowers which are slightly (~200g) heavier than the Revelations too but I have no idea if it's got more material or it's simply a...
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    Dual Valves?

    Pretty sure Welshy is onto it. Running a normal tyre + tube setup - the other valve is for adding sealant, thus having the sealant inside the tyre but outside the tube - if they were to pinch flat the air would just stay inside the tyre and they'd be able to (hopefully) keep on the pace and...
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    Need some info on PIKES please!

    I've only ridden Pikes, so don't have any first hand experience but I was under the impression they were stronger and less prone to flex than Revelations, not the other way round?
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    Would this work?

    Have you done much research into what a bike with unbalanced travel rides like? You're going to drop off 70mm of travel if you go for the argyles - I know the current forks go down to 130, but riding at 100mm all the time will be a pain in the ass and I think the bike is going to ride like a...
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    WWOOOOOO new 2011 888's

    So if these aren't anodized what are they? :confused: ...or when you say " everyone else.." do you mean conform to trends and only offer black or silver ano? ...also, by "..and i hated them.." do you mean you didn't like the look or the way they performed? Cause if you've ridden 06 Marz...