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    DH Tassie Results

    Does anyone know the results of 2010 Glenorchy DH elite and U19's ?
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    Freecaster TV tonight

    Does anyone know if Freecaster will charge again like Maribor for viewing the DH tonight? Do not say anything about it on Freecaster now!!
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    QLD 08/09 Totems 1.5 $650 up to

    Item: 08 or 09 Totems Location: Mt Cotton, Brisbane Price range/Willing to Pay: $650 Extra Info: need 1.5 steerer and length to be 210mm, black or white lowers. Contact or PM
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    24" Kids Dualie 2nd hand

    Item: need a 2nd hand Norco B-Line or Kona 2.4, or Specialized 24" Location: Mt Cotton Qld Item Condition: 2nd hand and no major issues Reason for wanting: For my 9 year old son Price and price conditions: $500 Extra Info:
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    08 New 243

    Here is my new toy. 08 New 243, with some 2nd gear Frame :- 08 New 243 Black Wheel :- Fire Eye Rims White Hub :- Fire Eye Front and Rear White Stem :- Deity White Bars :- Deity White Headset :- Chris King Mango Forks :- Pikes 409 (2nd hand) Brakes :- Hayes HFX 8" (2nd hand) Gears...
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    06 Marzoochi Super T Triples $ 240 ono SOL SOLD

    Item: 2006 Marzoochi Super T Triples Forks SOLD SOLD, SOLD, SOLD Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Good, only 2 years old, ex new bike back in 2006 Reason for selling: Bought new Boxxers Price and price conditions: Pick up during business hours. $240 ono Extra Info: 215mm steerer pipe, all...
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    07 Boxxer Race

    Item: 07 Rockshox Boxxer Race Triples Location: Brisbane Price range/Willing to Pay:$400 for good condtion Extra Info: Must be great working and running order, no big dents
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    DH Race first Timer 40 yr old

    Ok, I have been in practise for nearly 2 years for DH and trail rides (bike fit) and this year would love to do at least 2 races in the Sunshine Series, one would be Illinbah, only cause I have riden that one 4 times, what other one listed below would be best for me as a first timer? B-Lines...
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    Guys and Girls on F/R Bikes in Daisy

    Hi, Last Monday, myself and a few mates and our sons went for a bash into Daisy Hill for a ride, after 18kms odd, and on the way out, we came across a group of say approx 15+ riders, and it was approx 50% guys and 50% girls, are you all in a F/R club, or just mates all riding together...
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    Marzoochi Super T Triples

    Does anyone know what 06 Marzoochi Super T triples are worth to buy?
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    Illinbah.....Rain or Sun?

    Just checked out the weather pattern for Gold Coast over this weekend,,,, rain and or showers, so will the DH race be on if it rains? Almanac Current Weather Forecast Gold Coast Wednesday's Summary Min 18.0°C Max 28°C Rainfall 0.6mm Normally in November Average Min 18.7°C...
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    110cc Pitboss Dirt Bike 4 sale

    I ended up with a Pitboss Dirtbike via an auction, it is new 2007 model, I don't ride motorbikes, brought it for a good cause though for the kids foundation. Up for sale for $1200, is this the correct section?
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    My 8 year old son

    Here is a video of my 8 year old son, he loves FR and DH, one day maybe up for racing.
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    DH and FR riding in Iceland Try somewhere different next time you go oversees. - ICELAND, it is quite new there, but they seem to be OK and they import all their bikes from USA or UK, no stores that sell DH...
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    Super T's verse Boxxer

    I have done a search for Forks, but nothing that answers my query, I have also checked out the suppliers websites, but I suppose my query is more about practicallity. I have 06 Super T's, I am looking at Boxxer's, either 07 Race, 07 Team, as that suits my price range. WC are just too...
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    DH Guidelines

    Does anyone have any guidelines or rules that makes a track a "DH Track", other than the steepness, is it the length, rocks, jumps, as I have come across a few tracks that are very steep, and great fun, jumps, berms, rocks, but after talking to a few people they tell me that there are not any DH...
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    Ironhorse 6 point 4

    Hey, a mate of mine wishes to buy a Ironhorse 6 point 4, but no luck in any shops, have tried FTR, Gap, and Mortdale, where else to get a 2007?
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    Sam Hill DH Video Champery 07

    Check this link out from Swiss DH 07 Copy it and paste it into your URL line if required.
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    SRAM X9 Cage length????

    I am looking at buying SRAM X9 rear derailleur for my DH bike, but just not really sure of the benefits of cage length, either short, med, or large. Any main reasons would help, or breakdown for each length.
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    Flat Bars or Bars with 2' Risers??

    Does anyone know what the benefits of flat DH bars verses the bars with 2" risers, reasons? tech?, the look?, or the feel?? Any thoughts? As I am looking at changing my handlebars. Are there any past threads on this?