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  1. HamboCairns

    Tyre inserts - Tried them yet?

    Hi all! I'm looking at getting tyre inserts as I want to run lower pressures but avoid bumping against the rim all the time. So far I've seen - Cushcore Pro (Expensive and heavy) Nukeproof ADR (Inexpensive and light, but they stretch) Huck Norris (No idea) And now a new one from Tannus...
  2. HamboCairns

    Brake issues thread

    Hey all, Did a long descent and my heard a scraping from my rear brake. Smelt burnt and I have black marks on the rear discs. Also, any way to centre the disc between pads (Shimano MT 400 brakes)?
  3. HamboCairns

    Children's bike, component and accessories questions

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy my daughter, who is about to turn 7 years old, some equipment to make her riding more safe and enjoyable and need some advice. Crash Protection Any suggestions for elbow and knee pads that aren't hideously expensive? What's your favourite children's crash helmet...
  4. HamboCairns

    Will 180mm -> 203mm rotor make a difference?

    I'm looking to uprate my front rotor from a 180mm RT-56 to a 203mm RT-66. Would this make much of a difference to my braking?
  5. HamboCairns

    Is a chain checker worth it?

    Someone recommended I buy one now that I have a better bike with more expensive components, do you own one and is it worth it? I saw a Park Tools one for $30 -
  6. HamboCairns

    Things the MTB industry does wrong

    I'm sitting in a hospital waiting room and reading various posts here and got me thinking about details the industry gets wrong in my opinion. Not showing photos of all sizes of bike - I always see the svelte lines of a Medium but does the bike look awkward in larger sizes? Especially...
  7. HamboCairns

    38mm+ riser bars opinions

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting a higher rise bar as I feel that I'm in almost an XC position on my new bike. I currently have a 25mm riser but I'm thinking of a 38mm all the way up to a 50mm bar. Has anyone swapped their bar for a higher rise and what did you go for? I'm quite tempted by the...
  8. HamboCairns

    GoPro 9

    Has anyone bought one yet? If so, what are your thoughts?
  9. HamboCairns

    Chromag Scarab and other large pedals

    Hey all, I just put on a pair of Nukeproof Sam Hill Horizon pedals and I feel that they're a little undersized. Has anyone tried Chromag Scarabs or indeed any larger platform pedal? I paid $110 for the Nukeproof ones but I'd be happy to pay a bit more for a bigger set of quality pedals.
  10. HamboCairns

    XC Tropical hardcore hardtail - Coming in September!

    Frame - Ragley Big Al (XL) Rear shock - N/A Front shock/fork - Rockshox Recon 140mm Handlebars - Ragley 800mm Stem - Ragley 50mm Headset - FSA Grips - DMR Brendog Death Grips (Pink - Thick - Soft compound) Saddle - Ragley embossed Seatpost - Brand-X Ascend XL (170mm travel - 31.6 post diameter)...
  11. HamboCairns

    Complimentary exercise?

    Hey all, What other exercise besides riding do you do? I'd like to start doing some light weights again (maybe just body weight - I have enough!). I also started hill climbing, hopefully this improves my bike climbing too!
  12. HamboCairns

    Helmet lifespan?

    Hi all, I've had a Giant Rail for just over 4 years with no major crashes. Do helmets have a best before date and should I think about replacing it or am I good to keep it until I fancy a new one?
  13. HamboCairns

    Mini pump (and gauge) recommendations

    Hi all, My old mini pump recetly died (as did my Schwalbe digital pressure gauge so I'm looking for something to replace both in one device. Are mini pump gauges accurate enough for increments of 1psi?
  14. HamboCairns

    Hip pack suggestions?

    I'm looking at a new hip pack instead of a full pack. I don't do all day rides and I want as much airflow as possible around my back. My three shortlisted ones are - Camelbak Repak 1.5l Osprey Seral 1.5l...
  15. HamboCairns

    1x tweens bike

    Hi all, My son will soon grow out of his 24" wheeled bike and so we're taking an early look at some 27.5 wheeled mountain bikes. I'm surprised to find 3x cranks on these as 2x or even 1x would be so much better (lighter and less confusing). Something along the lines of this bike -...
  16. HamboCairns

    Project Build Hambo a bike (2nd go)

    Ok let's try and build Hambo a bike again! I'm not against the idea but I don't want it to turn into a nightmare when I could have simply 'bought a bike'. Here's a link to an Airtable spreadsheet I've created with the Ragley Big Al spec. The frame only...
  17. HamboCairns

    190mm steerer enough for 140mm headset stack?

    Hi all, I found a couple of good forks for sale (27.5 Boost - 2019 Yari and a 2020 Fox 34 Performance Elite) and both have been cut to a 190mm steerer. The frame supports the ZS44/28.6 | ZS56/40 headset standard. Do you think 50mm is enough to accommodate a headset and a stem? Most stems I'm...
  18. HamboCairns

    Can I build a better Ragley mmmbop for around $2k?

    Hey all, I have my heart set on a 2020 Ragley mmmbop ( but I was curious to see if I could build my own for a bit more than the retail price which is $1,899 + $150 delivery, with a better component list. The frame only option is $449 +...
  19. HamboCairns

    Buying a bike online: Better spec vs lbs

    Hey all, I want to recommend a decent decent entry level mtb to a friend but I don't know if I should include online brands - I want to recommend the Vitus Sentier 29 which comes with a decent air fork compared to Trek and Norco which come with a coil (XCM) fork, lesser groupset etc. Has...
  20. HamboCairns

    Shortening effective top tube length with 120mm fork

    Hi all, My wife has been suffering a little lower back pain riding her bike recently. She rides a Trek Marlin and chose it because no women specific models were available at the time and it seemed to fit ok at the time. I'm thinking that she's stretching just a little and thought...