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  1. leftieant

    VIC SOLD: XTC29 2012 (L) Custom Build - Full SLX, TWE wheels, Fox RL fork - $1100

    And.... sold. Off to a good home.
  2. leftieant

    VIC SOLD: XTC29 2012 (L) Custom Build - Full SLX, TWE wheels, Fox RL fork - $1100

    Sold pending payment and collection.
  3. leftieant

    VIC SOLD: XTC29 2012 (L) Custom Build - Full SLX, TWE wheels, Fox RL fork - $1100

    Size added (large) CX = cyclocross, yes.
  4. leftieant

    VIC SOLD: XTC29 2012 (L) Custom Build - Full SLX, TWE wheels, Fox RL fork - $1100

    Item: 2012 Giant XTC 29er (Large - 19.5 inch) - custom build Full SLX groupset including brakes (except JB superlight rotors - 180/160mm) Easton EC70 bars Fox RL fork with 15mm thru axle Selle Italia SLR saddle TWE wheelset ~1650gm Maxxis EXO/EXC tyres set up tubeless - Ardent Race front...
  5. leftieant

    VIC 2013 VES Enduro Series.

    Same track as you rode last year John, except with the long fire road climb to the top removed, and 2 other sections added in.
  6. leftieant

    VIC 2013 VES Enduro Series.

    Hi everyone - great to hear that everyone had such a great day on Saturday, it's a great buzz to see new people getting a buzz out of riding our local trails. A few people need to be thanked - Grant, our Race Director, worked his arse off getting organised for this round, all of the...
  7. leftieant

    VIC 2013 VES Enduro Series.

    Course will be open by 12pm on Friday for practice laps. You'll be able to register on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning - Fri PM rego will be at Pushy's Bike Warehouse - 477 Young St Albury - from 2pm until 6pm Friday. Sat rego will be at the Event Centre 7am to 9:30am. The huuuge...
  8. leftieant

    VIC SOLD: 2009 GT Peace 9R Singlespeed (L) - $550

    FOR SALE: 2009 GT Peace 9r singlespeed - large frame. This bike has been a great deal of fun to ride, but isn't getting the attention it deserves, so it should go to someone who will appreciate it more than me. A few improvements on the stock bike - now fitted with Rock Shox Tora air...
  9. leftieant

    VIC VES improvements for 2013

    Website is up and running: Couple of changes that I note from a quick read - standalone 3hr solo category at all races, and generic 'teams' category instead of pairs and triples racing separately.
  10. leftieant

    VIC VES improvements for 2013

    Without having dates exactly in front of me, I would be pencilling in the last weekend of each month from March onwards. 7 rounds rings a bell. Beyond that I can't really help any further.
  11. leftieant

    Kona Raijin Ti Hardtail

    Unfortunately I don't have your freakishly long legs. However, if its a 20 inch, it might make a good match with the trailer of yours I have.
  12. leftieant

    Professionalism, or Cheating?

    Certainly not in the spirit of the event. There were some high profile incidences of this at The Odyssey in 07 or 08, in the lead up to Olympic selection. Riders in the same class - fair game. Riders in different classes - certainly not cool. Can't remember if the Fling is an MTBA sanctioned...
  13. leftieant

    what's worth reporting to the police?

    I say report. If its on paper, it can be searched and linked back to later if there is a more serious incident.
  14. leftieant

    Lapierre xr

    Wasn't there an Orbea a few years back that used the same system?
  15. leftieant

    VIC VES improvements for 2013

    Call has gone out for clubs to put in EOI for hosting, so I imagine we'll be hearing something in the nearish future.
  16. leftieant

    Hasa Titanium Frame Feed back and Sizeing Question

    Too small, would just about guarantee it. Have you measured the top tube on the Addict for comparison?
  17. leftieant

    Otway Odyssey entries open - new course? Not sure how I feel about this. I may change my view after the race, but for me the attraction has always been the same course, trying to beat my KOM and Red Carpet times, and trying to knock a few minutes off the previous year. Plus starting the race in Apollo...
  18. leftieant

    Rocky Mountain 2013

    Thanks Quiggs. Dunno if I'll get it past the gatekeeper, but don't ask, don't get!
  19. leftieant

    Rocky Mountain 2013

    There is some serious drool-inducing bling in this thread. I've been browsing the RM site as well - phoar! However I can't see RRP for any of the Elements anywhere. Does anyone know RRP on the 970?
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    That's it for sure.