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    Boost fork 110 x 15 , largest tire size .

    Whats the largest tire a Boost for with 110 x 15 hub spacing take .
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    Cairns DH WC

    Not much talk about the WC in Cairns , or have i missed something ? .
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    Santa cruz V 10 Axel /s . All carbon models

    WTB Item : SC V10 Lower link AXELS Location : Im in Sydney Extra Info : Axels , the large black ones from any carbon model .
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    Derby in Tassi

    Has anyone been there for riding . Is Derby a mecca for trail riding . Sure Ive seen a few vids on the trails AK , flow and Troy , but it is all just best section pump up . I know it gets bloody cold down there and rains allot but would it be a good destination or a lamo GOV " trail " park "...
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    Water bottle , Bottle cage , under seat bag pouch and other dump questions .

    As title title states , Dumb question time Ok so bottle cages ? . Are some better than others , what work but don`t look too ghetto , left or right pull or straight pull . What are the max sizes for water bottles . Dose cage size govern bottle size or shape And the doofus question . Are...
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    Specialized SWAT bib pant

    Anyone use the swat Bib pant . Looks like a good idea but does it get hot for AU conditions , is it practical for water carrying .
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    WTB , Santa Cruz Bronson 2016 . Found Please remove

    Item : SC BRONSON 2 , medium FOUND FOUND Condition : Mint Price : ?? Location : Australia Wide Extra Info : . Looking at getting another trail bike . Looking for a SC Bronson v2 < B2 > only size medium .
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    Lithgo DH RIDERS

    is there a Lithgow DH riders group or page on face book . Or riders keen for riding up at Lithgow .
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    Wanted E Thirteen Lg 1 + CG or Bash plate/ tacco

    Wanted : E-Thirteen LG1 + CG or Bash plate /taco Location : Im in Sydney Price : ? Extra info : Looking for a LG1 + , ISCG 05 , 36 tooth max or a bash plate .
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    Any new 5010`s around

    Any one on the new solo yet ? . Any ride reports going .
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    Fox 40 air , sucking noise after lower service & changing air spring

    So I serviced the lowers on my Fox air 40`s . I also changed the Air spring compression ratio . No there back on the bike and the make a whistle noise when i compress them . Any ideas how to fix or were I went wrong . Im thinking it might be air trapped behind the air spring but I opened the...
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    Air can volume spacers

    Just after some experienced tinkers advice with volume spacer air can`s . Id assume that placing spacers in all air shocks/ cans would have the same effect . So by adding spacers , Does the shock becomes more progressive and less linear ? , dose the mid stroke improve ? , or is there just...
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    DT Swiss tubeless rim tubeless compatable

    Dose a DT SWISS tubeless rim have to use DT SWISS tubeless valves ? Or can any vaulve do . I'm getting a poor result in s tubeless set up with a tiny amount of air leaking from the bass of the valve . The rim is s DT 570 , its tubeless ready . The rim has a rubber grommet around the valve hole...
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    Bright in VIC ?

    So Im keen on heading down to MT Buller at the start of Jan . While Im there I was thinking of ridding with bluedirt and riding Bright and Beauty Jan 9th and 10th . What are the DH trails like at Bright ? . I headed down to Mt Beauty a few years ago with friend but the tracks had severe water...
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    Avid bleed kit hose replacement

    Anyone had any luck finding replacement hose for there avid bleed kit . I know it may sound penny pinching but at $95 for the pro bleed kit Id like to see if the hose can be bought .
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    2016 fox float X2

    Anyone have a hookup on a 2016 fox float X2 ? . Looking for one but non around , need a 8.75 x 2.75 .
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    Item : SDG , I beam saddle location : I'm in Sydney price : depending? Extra info : looking for a good/mint one
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    Thredbo this weekend

    So pumped . Thredbo opening weekend . Any one else heading down/up ? Can't wait to hit Aussi goat DH .
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    Wanted . Top guide for E thirteen Lg 1 Plus Chain Guide

    Item : LG 1 + Top guide Location : Sydney Price : ??? Extra Info : Looking for the top guide only to go on a Lg1+ Chain Guide . Thanks ,,,,
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    Awaba DH

    Is the Awaba DH track ok to ride , Im really keen to go up have not heard much lately on condition .