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  1. todd28

    MRP g3 mini parts?

    So I managed to snap the bash guard/ roller bracket that bolts onto back plate on my MRP G3 mini chain guide. The back plate is fine it's just that bash guard that snapped. Is there a shop/ website where I can get this part from or will I need to buy a whole new guide? Cheers
  2. todd28

    Crank Brothers 2012 5050 2 (Blk/Silver)

    Would these pedals be worth cutting the cost compared to the Crank Brothers 2012 5050 3 (Blk/Red)? I'm pretty well broke at the moment as im saving for schoolies and blowing majority of my money on the weekends anyways Thoughts?
  3. todd28

    Menai developement plans What are your thoughts? I know this isn't a new issue as it was originally brought up 10 years ago. But it would be a huge disappointment to see it go ahead.
  4. todd28

    Help with gyro

    Hi I have an old crapy BMX i am trying to fix for a bit of fun. I have snapped the brake cable near the leaver and I cant work out how to change the brake cable because of that stupid gyro bit wear the single cable becomes two. Does anybody know how to change the break cable in the gyro? Any...
  5. todd28

    Photo of the day suggestion

    I think it's a bit annoying when people just write nothing or very little about the photo they have posted on their POD. I think a template should be used saying something like: Rider: Location: Photographer: Caption: thanks
  6. todd28


    What is the advantage? Is it just for show? or is there some kind of benefits to having gigantic wheels?
  7. todd28

    Need help with DHx4

    Okay, so i thought i would be a hero and try and change my spring in my fox dhx4 on my glory. I was told to hammer the ''bushings'' (pushings? i dunno) when i got them half way out i realized i wont be able to get them out completely. Can some one pleeeaasseeee tell me how i can solve this jerk...
  8. todd28

    Vibrating noise in elxirs

    I have had my glory for about 3 or so months now and they keep making this annoying vibrating noise, it's really loud and its shitting me up the wall. Has any body had this problem and how do I fix it? The pads are not worn out, i have checked and the bike is only fairly new. Any help would be...
  9. todd28

    peat and hans pub crawl

    Steve peat and Hans Rey do a pub crawl with 30 pubs in just 6 days in 2006. This link reveals all... All i can say is the beer better taste like liquid gold! enjoy.
  10. todd28

    09 Giant glory DH1

    This is for anybody who has a glory or a similar problem with their bike. Has anybody noticed the chain hitting the lower rear swing arm on the drive side near the bottom wheel of the chain guide? It hits pretty much all the time when in granny gear and smacks it when you go over the smallest...
  11. todd28

    Location of Lithgow state champs track

    Sorry if this has a already been said i did search it but nothing came up. I was just wondering how to get there? If there's a website or something? And what times the track opens on the Saturday and Sunday? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  12. todd28


    Sorry if this is post is in the wrong spot, I'm still only new to this. Does anybody know what time rego closes? I looked on the CCOMTB website and it only said what time it opens, does that mean its open till 12.30 when racing starts? Thanks for all your help!
  13. todd28

    DH 09 Giant glory DH1

    Hey this is my brand new glory DH1. I got it on the 28th of may. Only upgrades is new rear spring which i am getting soon. It rides rreeaallllyy well. It soaks up everything and corners like a magician.I am cutting the spacers soon. Would recommend it to every one! :D Spec list exactly the...
  14. todd28

    DH 06norco six 2

    This is my norco six 2 it survives most tracks including thredbo 4 seasons streight.. well it kinda did. :) Frame -Norco six 2 Rear shock - dhx3 Front shock/fork - drop off 4 Handlebars - truvativ Grips - lizard skins Front brake -hayes nine Rear brake -hayes nine Chainguide -cyclelogic Rear...