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  1. mxwill63

    Banshee Scythe Medium 1550 ONO quick sale SOLD PLEASE REMOVE

    tem: Banshee Scythe (medium frame) SOLD Location: Blackheath, Blue Mountains (about 2 hours from sydney) Item Condition: Have had the bike for 2 years, have kept it cleaned and serviced on a regular basis. Has only been used 3 times in the last 4 months. The bike has just had a fresh...
  2. mxwill63

    Dakine pick up pad ?

    Hi , I have been looking for some time to purchase a dakine pick up pad and I have had a lot of trouble trying to find a website or some one who can order them in Aus! If anyone knows where to buy one would love to know, the old bit of foam has done its job time to upgrade, cheers
  3. mxwill63

    NSW Giant Glory DH1 2009, SOLD!! -remove-

    Item: Giant Glory DH1 2009. (Medium) Location: Blackheath. (Blue Mountains) Item Condition: This is my best mates bike, (his wording) Used, brought the bike in 2009 brand new and have loved it ever since has got me through the Red Ass DH state series and has only replaced minior things...
  4. mxwill63

    NSW Banshee Scythe ! sold (no longer for sale)

    Item: Banshee Scythe (medium frame) Location: Blackheath, Blue Mountains (roughly 2 hours from sydney) Item Condition: I have owned the bike for 2 years, and has had an easy life in my hands. Have slowly been upgrading and refining parts to my preference, along with some bling for...
  5. mxwill63

    Lithgow state DH track "pony express" gopro

    Just a bit of footage from todays ride, track is great, loose as and getting keen for NSW state round Huge thanks to all the local builders that made this track possible for us riders. Check it out in HD, Cheers, Willy.
  6. mxwill63

    2012 NSW DH state series del rio (chest mount)

    Hey everyone here's my race run from the weekend, final time was a 2.32.03 , 20th out of 35 in the U19s class, soo many quick riders haha Cheers to Rocky Trail Entertainment for another great weekend Be sure to watch in HD and leave some feedback if you can, Cheers, Willy...
  7. mxwill63

    Hampton dh part 2 (go pro chest mount)

    Me and the boys riding the hampton track in very loose conditions, check it out and tell me what you think!!
  8. mxwill63

    Hampton DH track (GOPRO)

    Check out a run of me and a mate at the Hampton track! watch in full HD and feedback would be great!
  9. mxwill63

    2012 newtons nation downhill saturday seeding (go pro)

    check out the go pro footage of my seeding run at the newtons nation downhill track 2012 u19s rider will commens, time 1:31.04.. enjoy.
  10. mxwill63

    THREDBO 2012 GO PRO (chest mount)

    Hey guys check out a vid of me and the boys doing a run of thredbo with the go pro check it out and tell me what you think !
  11. mxwill63

    braaap (GO PRO)

    Back with another chest mount vid, check it out and my other videos on the channel aswell ! filmed on the go pro hd hero 2 960p, 48fps
  12. mxwill63

    For Dirtbike enthusiasts (GO PRO vid)

    Hey guys check out my new go pro video doing a lap of my track using the go pro hd hero 2! Feel free to give me some feedback and check out all the vids on my channel! Cheers, Will
  13. mxwill63

    GOPRO: "No Friends" DH track

    Me and some mates doing a run of the track "no friends" hope you enjoy, hit me with some feedback, and please check out some of my other vids aswell !
  14. mxwill63

    DH bike hire in Tassie?????

    Hey guys was im heading over to tassie next Monday and i unfortunately will not be able to take my DH with me though im keen as to try some tracks around the place. So i was wondering if there were any places where i could hire a reasonable DH bike to ride some trails in tassie? Cheers, Will.
  15. mxwill63


    Item: Norco 250 medium frame Location: Blue Mountains Item Condition: Perfect, is serviced reguarly and looks the part aswell with sick parts. Reason for selling:Have only had this bike for a month or so but i have had to part with it due to financial difficulties. Price and price...
  16. mxwill63

    Calling all Sctythe owners......

    Hi guys just wondering if anybody has owned/have a banshee scythe and was willing enough too help me.:) I have had my scythe for a good few months now though i have barley had much riding time (due to track building :P) but anyways i have started to ride it again and have been finding the...
  17. mxwill63

    Rawing a frame??

    Hey guys was just thinking about rawing my 2010 Giant brass frame and i was just wondering how you actually do it????:confused: i know this is probably a stupid question but i was just wondering as ive been questioning whether to use paint stripper or if wet and dry (sandpaper) would be the...
  18. mxwill63

    Cable Disc brakes help!

    Hi i have a giant brass (really shit i know) and the cable brakes on it have been mucking up:mad: My problem is that when i adjust the brake tension by moving the cable slightly more through the thigy (sorry really hard to explain:o) the brake will then have enough tension that i can brake...
  19. mxwill63

    Frame for me?????

    I know, your probs all thinking "Oh shit, another frame request!" but i have certain needs compared to other kids just saying i need a frame fullstop, so please dont get too pissed at me:rolleyes: But anyways i've been thinking of building up a new bike for my DJ/ minimal street/ maybe even 4x...
  20. mxwill63

    dhx 4 shck please help

    :confused: I know this probably sounds a bit stupid but i would just like to know what the blue knob at the end of the reserver does and how to adjust it as im new to DH and like to fiddle with stuff:o cheers, will