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  1. 2DIE

    2DIEs bikes

    Thought I'd post all my bikes in the same thread rather than making separate thread for them all, I've had 9 bikes this year, this morning I had 8 bikes but 2 went and now I have 6 left. GT Chucker Giant STP Fuji ??? DBR BSX Norco ??? GT Avalanche (not pictured) All in various states of...
  2. 2DIE

    Dbr bsx

    I picked up this bike the other day, from what I can find online it's a hardtail freeride or a hardtail all mountian. But it's been made into a street bike and the guy selling it posted it as a dirt jumper. It has some decent aftermarket parts on it which I might post up later. The paint looks...
  3. 2DIE

    Show us your welds

    Anyone have some bikes with good looking welds? I really like the welds on my 96 GT Ricochet. Show me what you have got. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  4. 2DIE

    Building a bike from parts bikes, lots of questions.

    Hey guys, I picked up some free bikes and bits a lady was giving away. Originally I thought I'd get the Giant running and decide if I'd keep it or not and sell the other frames but when I saw the frame where the seat pole goes in was squished to fit a skinny pole. I'll also add a pic of my...
  5. 2DIE

    What shoes do you wear for riding with flat pedals?

    Just wondering what prefered shoes are for riding with flat pedals? Will some cheap skateboarding shoes be the go? Cheers.
  6. 2DIE

    Need help with tyre rotation direction

    I bought some Vredestein Spotted Cat tyres from CRC but I can't work out the tyre rotation direction. I've look at Google images and people have them installed both ways, there isn't anything on the tyre with a direction either. Should the rotation be to the left with the wide part of the...
  7. 2DIE

    SOLD FS: Hot Pink Oury Grips + Gold Animal Bar Ends + Red Clarks V Brake Pads

    Item: Hot Pink Oury Grips + Gold Animal Bar Ends + Red Clarks V Brake Pads Location: Victor Harbor, SA Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Excess to needs Price and price conditions: $10 takes it all. Pick up or post at cost ($8.25 I think) Extra Info: New in packaging, not...
  8. 2DIE

    SOLD WTB: 7 speed shifter + left brake lever

    Wanted to Buy Item: 7 speed shifter + left brake lever Location: SA or Post Price range/Willing to Pay: Negotiable Extra Info: Looking to buy a 7 speed shifter (not including brake lever), preferably all aluminium if they exist. Also looking to buy aluminium left brake lever...
  9. 2DIE

    New rider from SA

    I've been on these forums for a few days but I didn't notice this newbie introduction forum until now. I'm 36 and getting back in to biking for exercise reasons. From the age of 7 to about 20 I rode BMX, I actually had the same frame the whole time until the bike was stolen. I never had money...
  10. 2DIE

    2003 GT Avalanche 3.0

    I picked this up the other day, everything is stock down to the 13 year old tyres. I'll update with pics as parts arrive as I have a few parts on the way. So far the biggest problems is a rusty chain and sprockets as well as the forks are stuffed, hopefully I can fix them. Nothing special...
  11. 2DIE

    MTB parts interchangeability for beginners?

    I just bought a GT Avalanche 3.0 (large) for $100 which seems like a solid bike apart from the suspension forks feel crappy and the gears feel really clunky. I roughly know most forks will fit with a 1 1/8 stem but I have no idea about the gear selectors and derailers, the brake levers and gear...