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    QLD SOLD please DELETE

    Sold! Please delete, mods
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    Jessi 'Slaughter': Did she have it coming, will consequences ever be the same again?

    For those who haven't heard of the massive troll attack on Jessi Slaughter... This has become so big on the internet at the moment, it's quite literally hard not to see it if you're a regular on many large forums. I searched and couldn't find it here we are..if you haven't heard...
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    New bike light - looks AWESOME!!

    Hey guys, I haven't been on for a while which I'm starting to regret, been out riding more and sitting inside less. Anyway the other day I came across this light which is made in the UK, looks like a hell of a light compared to what else is on offer at the moment too* Ok I present the...
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    QLD Sold - please delete

    Sold - please delete
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    New Kranked film = Revolve (staring Sam Hill)

    So I was just you tubing, as you do.., and found this... So I searched and found nothing, assumed this hadn't been posted, or that nobody cared...but it's got SAM HILL in it!!!!! Surely this will excite some people..enjoy! EDIT - Thought I'd better...
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    Carbon Blur LT2 anyone?? Just found this on MTBR forums, what do you think of a carbon LT2? ..just as I thought about getting the new Blur they do this to me, looks like more saving and waiting is in order:D
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    Considering a new Fuel EX 9 - anyone riden one?

    So I'm getting sick of my bike, it's got more travel than I currently need. I'm also finding I'm riding a little less as I can't find places which I enjoy riding it as much as I used to. Realistically it's a bit bulky to take to a lot of my local spots. For the record it's an 08 Norco Six1...
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    Lock-ons stuck to remove??

    Ok, so a while ago my bikes rear Maxle died, so I had to ride my XC bike for a while, thing is it's grips decided to start to melt and fuse my gloves; time for some new grips..enter the lock-ons from my dualy. Today, after 2 weeks of no fun bike, I got my new maxle, and installed it, checked...
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    MAXLE (rear) to fit 135mm hub

    Item: Maxle for a 135mm hub Location: Anywhere really, willing to pay for postage Price range/Willing to Pay:Probably trying to get one for around $30-50 depending on the age and condition. Hit me up if you want more... Extra Info:Mine broke just below the threaded section you screw...
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    Rear Maxle = dead

    So today when I went to reassemble my bike the Maxle on the back wouldn't tighten up before doing up the QR, it just kept spinning. OK, shit I think to myself, as I pull it out and it's snapped clean from the shaft just below the threaded bit, the only thing holding it together now is the QR...
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    PAR removal on 08 66 ATAs

    Hey guys, just contemplating taking out my PAR piston myself, was just after any suggestions to whether or not this is a good idea. It's starting to really shit me that I cannot get full travel out of my forks, and although I've just accepted that my 66s were shit, I've recently read some...
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    Sold..delete please

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    QLD ......................sold...............please delete

    I AM NOW CONTEMPLATING SPLITTING IF I CAN GET ENOUGH INTEREST IN THE PARTS As you've probably seen, I've had this bike for sale for a while now, and it's not really grabbing anyone's attention, there has been a few people, but they've yet to follow through with any sign of actual interest, SO...
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    Hope mono 6 (seriously WTF??)

    Ok, so I've found that you can get a six, yes I said six, bloody piston brake set. Now surely these things must be absolutely off the damn wall in terms of stopping power, but I'm unsure, I'd never even heard of them until I went onto the Hope website. I've heard good things about Hope, and...
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    WTB Shimano XT shifter pod covers

    Hey guys hopefully you can help, and hopefully I've got the name of what I'm looking for right. Item: Shimano XT 07' shifter pod covers to replace the guage which gets in the way of brakes Location:Brisbane, but willing to pay for postage. Item Condition:Not totally broken or scratched up...
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    Quick question about a few Fox forks...

    Hey guys I'm currently looking into a custom build using a Santa Cruz Chameleon XL sized frame..and I had a few questions regarding a suitable fork for my bike. Just a bit of background it's going to be fairly high end so price isn't a concern, part wise I"ll be running X.0/XTR spec and the...
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    Mapleton DH ride this Sunday (6th April)

    Hey guys I'm trying to organize a crew to come hit up the Mapleton DH track this Sunday morning, I've never actually been there myself, but my parents live up at Flaxton (10 mins away) and I plan on making the trip out there on sunday morning to check it out. If anyone's been before and know...