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    NSW Sold

    Few offers, 1st to come with money gets it
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    NSW Sold

    Sold 10char
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    WTB 170mm-200mm forks

    Just looking for some forks in the Newcastle/Hunter region. Dual or single crown doesn't matter as long as there above 170mm. Cheers
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    Avid elixr

    Hey just a quick question, just about to purchase these and was wondering do these come with the mounts needed, there description is Front - 200mm - IS - G2CS Rotor So im guessing that means they come with IS adaptors am i right?
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    VIC sold plz delete

    ball park figure?
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    Help need advice from road experts

    Sorry I meant he comebeside me in the left lane then swerved into the right lane hitting the left of my car
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    Help need advice from road experts

    Last night I had a car accident and the other car fled the scene. My issue is the damage on my car is on the front left and I was wondering if this can be turned around on me. The car came up behind me in the right lane and there was a car in the left lane so I couldn't change lanes then as he...
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    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    chalk it up to experience steer clear of her and do not hand over any details of the car and have it scrapped asap so she doesn't chase you for damage to the van
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    Iron Horse Yakuza Bakuto (hardtail)

    umm in years of pipework a ruler has served me quite fine you use the half mm increments for added precision and measure centre to centre its not that hard
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    Starting out AM bike $1500ish

    go the reign, my riding has progressed more in the last 2 years of dual suspension than in 10 years of hardtails
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    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    Toff, with the esky if the interiors in good nick put your cd player in the little shelf thing where the bonnet realease is(also hides it from view) and please try not to cut the interior for speakers. :) Sorry for the directions i know its your car and you can do what the f**k you like i just...
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    If you won the lottery...

    aren't you letting them off lightly for all the pain and suffering they have brought to any non 16 yr old female
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    Sam who?

    I forget which mag it is and its out in the car so i can't be bothered checking, but inside was a WC feature and had an interview with Hill,Minnaar and Gee Atherton and i always beleived (Having met none of those involved) that Minnaar and Atherton would be uptight and up themselves and Sam to...
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    Fox parts suppliers aust

    thanks heaps buddy
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    Fox parts suppliers aust

    I am just after some parts for my dhx5.0 air because i want to service/mod it, so who sells the parts in australia preferably nsw and does anyone have any good tips on the rp3 mods?
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    carbon tax? has the world gone mad.

    they also make you pay exotic prices even though mr carlton is really the producer
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    Moving to/living in Tasmania

    thanks for clearing that up i've never heard that terminology before i must be getting old. but you pretty much summed up the whole eastern sea board with that one
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    Please Delete Monitors.

    the donkey seems to be in fine nick, Originally Posted by chidsmtnbikr aaahhhhhhhhhhhh 1 day im gonna get one of them. how much did ya pay for that beast. Cheap mate, cheap. way under $4000 ;) Thanks to Crank D cycles Townsville. If you got 4000 i can get you...
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    Please Delete Monitors.

    if someone saved this pic for laughs can you please repost it