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  1. ausdb

    Coffee Drinkers Anonymous

    Ok so I have a plunger but don't really like plunger coffee, so your saying get something like this to go on top...
  2. ausdb

    Coffee Drinkers Anonymous

    Calling @pink poodle and anyone else, I'm after coffee brewing suggestions for a "tiny house" The gods of schools and local intake area's have not looked kindly upon my family and in order to appease them, I'm doing a tiny house experiment and moving from a real house into a unit for a while so...
  3. ausdb

    Newly Released Suspension & Components General

    Ahh the Blueliquid labs guy, I like his website. I was surprised he wasn't using any sort of cleaning solvent in the process.
  4. ausdb

    No brake bite

    Like @hellmansam says dual pivots, whilst not as good as discs you should still be able to stop confidently with your hands on the hoods with those. Kool stop inserts work well in the pad holders also the Ultegra ones.
  5. ausdb

    Sold Marzocchi Z1, 120mm travel, 26inch Straight 1 1/8 steerer $100

    Bugger, first day back at work and no time to waste on the burn and I miss these
  6. ausdb

    New here, please be gentle

    Welcome aboard @Oldelpaso epic thread drift is the order of the day here, but like others have said there's lots of good info if you can filter the background noise. I thought the reason @moorey had been so quiet was because he's secretly digging a tunnel a la great escape style so he can go...
  7. ausdb

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Absolutely covid tax FTW, cash in while you can ;) You should see some of the rusty pieces of crap kids bikes people are asking $100 for over in the west
  8. ausdb

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Yes but it's on point with the reduced offset trend just not very long and slack. They are good kids bikes, better than most of the rubbish around but that is an older model. Price wise current version is $600 so not so badly covd taxed.
  9. ausdb

    The Vintage Mountain Bike Thread.

    Yes they are Aussie, pretty sure they were made in Adelaide. My very first "MTB" shaped object was a yellow Ricardo with thumb shifters, canti's and one of those smoky paint schemes so beloved of the 80's Best place to research them would be BNA forums Actually just go here Ricardo Appreciation...
  10. ausdb

    Little Things You Hate

    Yes that is sad, I was wondering how they managed to have a drone in the right place and right time to capture the failure until I read about the previous two failures. I'm waiting for AvE to give his take on the failure.
  11. ausdb

    Bargain buys thread

    Sorry I edited my post
  12. ausdb

    Bargain buys thread

    Both? Your wife must not be like mine then. I'd be told to be happy with a new hose and stop spending money on just bikes.
  13. ausdb

    Bargain buys thread

    @moorey that hose looks pretty manky. Is it new hose or new bike time?
  14. ausdb

    The stupid questions thread.

    I like to think it's a bit like the sorting hat out of Harry Potter, except that you never know when your wearing it and when it's going give an answer.
  15. ausdb

    Bargain buys thread

    Asking for the collective wisdom here, is this a good buy, Or can I do better?
  16. ausdb

    QLD FOX Launch Knee pads!!!

    @wkkie Are these any good for just general riding? knee pads were not de rigueur back in my old 26 hard tail days and I've never used them before.
  17. ausdb

    Confessions from the fuckwits

    Holy shit that is rough, have you had issues with the tape failing around the holes?
  18. ausdb

    Coffee Drinkers Anonymous

    Zebrano is a step up from Pine or Pawlonia.
  19. ausdb

    Confessions from the fuckwits

    Looks like a beaver was chewing on it.
  20. ausdb

    You laugh you lose

    Was a tough call to decide whether to post this in the Douche or YLYL but decided the guy was probably not a douche just doesn't have a good command of the Queens or is it ScMo's english or his spell checker is broken. If you have access to the group the comments are hilarious :D I really...