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    WTB Pivot bolt for Scott Genius

    I broke a pivot bolt on my bike and my bike shop replaced it for me (yay thanks) but now I would like a spare to keep in my kit just in case. If anyone has the one located at the bottom of the rear triange near the rear wheel axle to suit a Scott Genius 2016 that would be great. (see pic) If...
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    Our MTB holiday to Forrest and Buller plan - your input appreciated :)

    Hi all, my wife and I are planning on coming over on the ferry from Tassie with our car and MTB's to ride Forrest and Mt Buller in Feb / March looking for input on our plan before we book accom etc. We were going to race Bike Buller, but it clashed with a local race we want to do, so we are...
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    VIC Bike Buller MTB festival 2012 Your race opinion?

    I'm considering doing this race in 2013 Do you think it lives up to the hype? What was your race experience like? Any tips welcome :) Sent from my MB526 using Tapatalk 2
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    Endurance race health warning !

    I recently raced in a qualifier for the World 24hr solo and ended up suffering an unusual health problem that I had not heard of or considered. I'm posting here, which I will copy to the main thread about the worlds, and also post at MTBR. This is so people can be informed and perhaps...
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    TAS S/H Jockey Wheels - SRAM X0 or Shimano

    Jockey Wheels SRAM X0 Launceston TAS About $10 Do you have a bent old SRAM X0 derailleur in your spares kit? I'm after your second hand jockey wheels. They would need to be in good condition, I don't want the teeth worn to sharp points. If the top one is good and the bottom worn I would...
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    2010 World Solo 24 Hour Championships

    It has just been announced they are looking into hosting the World 24hr solo here in Australia. I would love to enter (Dream on) but as a shift working, family man, in isolated Tassie I'm thinking getting to a qualifying event and then the race will mean two expensive trips with support and...
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    What about this Excercise Bike ?

    It's a cheap one from deals direct. I don't expect a really high quality bike for this price. But I'm hoping the resistance would be...
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    OZ cricket team = Fit or Shit ????

    My boss at work is a cricket fan, I'm not. I said it's not a sport, it should only be referred to as a game because most of the players do nothing physical. He ranted about running, I noted frequent tea and scone breaks for people that are just standing about. I told him that as a...
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    Power Beam Halogen from Torpedo7 any good ?

    Has anyone seen these lights in the flesh ? Are they any good ? the bracket looks a bit crap, is it functional ? I wouldn't expect them to be as good as top of the range HID, but they do seem good value.
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    Riders in Adelaide WTF is wrong with you ? ;)

    Went on hols in Adelaide (from TAS) recently, was great, have always liked Adelaide. Was especially good to catch up with old friends and go to Womad and the Fringe stuff etc. Anyway while there we went riding on some of the great bike paths, and saw all the very much NOT cool local riders...
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    Training rest period questions ?

    I have been doing about 1.5 - 2hrs training a day with one rest day a week for 8 months now, from a fat slob PC chair potato base before that. I'm now happy with my weight and strength and my cardio fitness is vastly improved, but I would still like to build it more. Recovery is good, but I...
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    Informative website about tyres.

    (I hope it hasn't been posted before) I found this site very useful, check all the links on the bottom right of page also. I don't think I will bother using Talc on my tubes again after reading his view on it. See here
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    Do you get your forks serviced - Even if they are running OK ?

    I have a Giant XtC2 2005 with Scareb comp forks. I have done almost 2000km - including probably about 800km on rough singletrack over six months. My forks are still working perfectly without ever being serviced. I'm getting a new chain, gear cables and tyres soon as I have a couple of big...
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    Dura-ace/xtr Chain Cn7701 ?????

    I'm looking into buying the above chain, but I want to know about joining links for them. I have read that with all Shimano chains you need to use their special long pin that you have to snap the end off. That sounds like a hassle and would cost me valuable race time if I broke a chain in a...
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    Wildside Questions and tips ?

    I'm going in my first Wildside next year, looking forward to it but I'm also apprehensive that my planning will be sufficient. I have a few questions now, but I'm sure I will have more as the event comes closer, so I thought I would list them all in this thread. Powerade, is it available to...
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    1 Rat + 1 MTB + 1 Day = 200km :)

    Big brag for me, last Saturday I rode from Launceston to Hobart (200km) a goal that I had thought about on and off for years. I took it easy as I wanted to be sure to make it, 7hrs 20min ride time avg 27kmph. But the total time was 9hrs 30min. I took a couple of short breaks at shops to have...
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    Lizard Skin derailleur grunge guards ???????

    Does anyone use them and what are they like ??? See here What I really want to know is will they fit my setup ? I have a fairly stock Giant XtC 2 with Shimano Deore top pull derailleur on the...
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    I don't want a bell cause that's uncool....but...

    I sometimes ride on trails frequented by walkers (NFI why they don't ride ?) and I want them to move without having to shout and be rude. I don't want to give MTBers bad publicity by running over walkers and hucking to flat off their dead bodies, tempting as it is. So I want an audible...
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    Chain cleaning box or clean by hand, what do you do ?

    I'm considering getting a chain cleaning box, but I wonder if they really do an effective job or not. I realise that if you are pedantic you can probably do a better job by hand. But I want to reduce my cleaning time and I hope a box would do a good enough job. I suppose I then have to stuff...
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    Check out the pics of my mate's Chopper :)

    I am sooo jealous, I would have killed to have a bike like this when I was 10 years old (in 1978) in fact I wouldn't mind having a ride on it now :) Go here and scroll down to the "bicycle stuff" links, the chopper he calls his Crazy bike, the other bikes are...