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  1. Goudgey

    SA All City Nature Boy

    Item: All City Nature Boy single speed cyclocross bike, large size Location: Adelaide Item Condition: Excellent condition, minimal marks on frame Reason for selling: N+1 is not permitted in my household. Price and price conditions: $500 ono. Prefer local, but will post at buyers expense Extra...
  2. Goudgey

    SA Dropper post, 150mm, 30.9 dia

    Item: Dropper post, 150mm drop, 30.9 diamete Location: Adelaide, SA Price range/Willing to Pay: up to $250 for right dropper. Will pay postage Extra Info: internally routed, cable actuated required. Bonus if it comes with lever.
  3. Goudgey

    Advice for a flat pedal newb

    Hi all, so today I went for my first ride on flats and it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. l classify myself as a start again beginner and I’ve been riding ridden clipless for as long as I can remember. I’ve started to feel that clipless has been holding back my progression for all the common...
  4. Goudgey

    Leatt DBX 3.0 Shoes?

    Hi all, has anyone ridden in Leatt DBX 3.0 shoes? They look good and are reasonably priced locally compared to the established players in the market. I'm wondering how they compare to 5-10's or Ride Concepts from a grip to pedal perspective. Cheers.
  5. Goudgey

    SA Hardtail frame

    I’m after a hardtail frame with the following specs: Large/19 inch 27.5 preferred Modern trail geometry, suitable for 140mm forks Boost spacing Either steel or aluminium Location Adelaide preferred but happy to pay postage for the right frame Price - as cheap as possible
  6. Goudgey

    Sold Trek Madone 5.9

    2015 model H2 geometry 56cm Large frame Dura Ace mechanical 11 speed groupset. 52-38 front chainring Dura Ace front brake, Bontrager rear brake Fulcrum Red Wind 50mm carbon/alu clinchers, Continental GP4000s 25mm tyres Bontrager RL bars 42cm Bontrager RXL stem 100mm Bontrager RL saddle ANT+...
  7. Goudgey

    Hauling bikes in utes with hard lids

    I’ve recently got myself a Colorado Ute and am considering options for bike transport using the tray in conjunction with a secure locking tonneau cover and am keen to know what solutions others are using. I need a secure tonneau so a soft cover won’t do, but also want to put bikes in the tray...
  8. Goudgey

    Which sunglasses?

    Hey all, I’m after recommendations for sunnies to wear while riding. Something that stays planted on the head but isn’t hugely expensive like Oakleys. Better lenses than what can be found in a pair of safety glasses Fromm Bunnos would be nice. Cheers
  9. Goudgey

    Sold Cannondale CAAD 10

    Item: Cannondale CAAD 10 Location: Adelaide Item Condition: Good condition, well cared for bike. Price and price conditions: $1800 ono + delivery costs (local pick-up preferred) Extra Info: Size 56cm Shimano Ultegra 10 speed groupset, FSA SLK cranks, 53/39t Shimano Ultegra SL brake calipers 3T...
  10. Goudgey

    Another noob question - supporting bike from dropper post

    Hi, is it ok to clamp the bike into a bike stand by dropper post (inner extending/retracting post, not outer fixed section) without causing damage to the dropper? I'm aware that the post can support more than the bikes weight in compression, but unsure if if can support the bike in extension Thanks,
  11. Goudgey

    Frame paint touch up

    Hi all. Have a matte-black frame with a couple of significant rub marks that I want to touch up before applying protective patches or film. Any recommendations for how best to do this, what paint to use, etc? Was thinking of buying some matte-black pain from Bunnings, masking the areas...
  12. Goudgey

    Sold On One Inbred

    Item: On One Inbred Location: Adelaide Item Condition: Good condition, well cared for bike. Minor scratches from transport. Reason for selling: Upgrading to dual suspension Price and price conditions: $800 ono + delivery costs (local pick-up preferred) Extra Info: Size 18 inch/Medium-Large...
  13. Goudgey

    Advice for converting Sun Duroc 35 wheels to tubeless?

    Hi, I’ll soon be getting a bike with Sun Duroc 35 tubeless compatible rims and want to convert straight to tubeless, Inner bead width is specified as being 31mm so am I correct in assuming that I’ll need 31mm wide tape as a minimum? Is anyone able to point me in the right direction? Thanks
  14. Goudgey

    Another 'which new bike' thread... Norco, YT, other?

    Hi all, I'm looking to get back into regular riding and want to upgrade my very old 26 inch steel framed hardtail to something with full suspension, modern geometry and newer technologies. I'd classify myself as a born again novice, having been nowhere near a mountain bike for many years. I...
  15. Goudgey

    WTB - Specialized Phenom saddle

    Item: Specialized Phenom saddle. Old model 143mm - not the new short nose model. Good condition. not fussed re Expert, Pro model. Location: Adelaide but happy to pay shipping. Willing to pay: Fair and reasonable price commensurate with age and condition of saddle. Other Info: None
  16. Goudgey

    Surface rust in seat tube of steel frame; how much is too much?

    G'day All, Was cleaning my On One Inbred and popped out the seat post and noticed a lot of light coloured rust staining in the seat post and inside surface of the seat tube.. It's the type of staining that you can wipe the majority off with a fag or finger but a distinct discolouration remains...
  17. Goudgey

    Best place to buy a complete groupset?

    Hi all, I'm in need of a complete groupset for a new bike build and I'm struggling to find one from the usual online resources. I'm building up an On-one inbred frame for XC and light all mountain duties. I'm after a mid spec groupset at a reasonable price. The UK online sites don't sell...
  18. Goudgey

    Best way to clean a square taper bottom bracket

    Hi all, Whats the best way to clean and re-lube a square taper bottom bracket? I want to make sure I don't do anything that will stuff it up. I'm thinking that I should hit it with degreaser then apply a liberal amount of grease/lube before refitting into the frame. Is the degreaser a bad...
  19. Goudgey

    Top or bottom pull derailleur?

    Hi All, I'm considering purchasing an On One Inbred frame and swapping all my part over from my old hardtail. Question is, how do I know what derailleur is needed to suit the frame, or does it not matter? There's no mention of the suitable derailleur type in the frame specs. I'm planning on...
  20. Goudgey

    Breathing life into a Specialized Hardrock - carbon forks?

    Hi all, I've got an old 03 Hardrock that's still going strong but the original 100mm travel Rockshox Judy fork is stuffed. I'll be replacing it with a new steed mid next year but in the meantime I'm considering changing the forks to rigid carbon forks for sh#ts & giggles. I'm thinking these...