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  1. ausdb

    POS Project FD1 XTC 29er

    A supposedly budget build for a fat dad to get back into mountain biking Frame - Giant XTC composite 2013 size M ex @Isaakk Rear shock - Front shock/fork - 2015 SID 100 mm need get brave and fit the 120mm air shaft and work out how to remove the remote Handlebars - borrowed Norco 780mm ta...
  2. ausdb

    Modern day bars & stem for an old newb where to start?

    Possibly a quick question, possibly a f/wits question, should probably ask this in a PYR but I haven't started one yet ;) I'm looking for bars and stem for my 29er hardtail project. I'm trying to do the build on a budget something along the lines of @nathanm's Torrent and the pickings on the...
  3. ausdb

    Random old 26 fork ID question

    I'll be starting my own search for 26" 100-120mm 1-1/8 unicorns soon. Whilst looking I've seen these for sale with some 26" wheels. All the seller says is 110mm travel dual air. Does anyone have any idea what they are?
  4. ausdb

    Used Helm air avoid or ok?

    I'm looking at used forks for a couple of projects and one of them needs a reasonably solid 27.5 medium long travel fork and the Helm seems to fit the bill, especially in regards to travel adjustment range. However based on the discussion here about the CCDB and user serviceability I am...
  5. ausdb

    The Woodwork thread

    Time to start a thread to share woodworking stuff that you have done or are doing now, whether its for real money, play or pleasure
  6. ausdb

    Absolute Black 30T 104BCD Chainring bolt question

    The subject says it all, I bought a 1x10 drivetrain with one of these as the chainring a while back and have decided to finally use it. The ring comes with it's own bolts in particular two smaller ones to allow it to work on the 104BCD but unfortunately the chainring bolts got lost in...
  7. ausdb

    WA Found - WTB Cranks suitable for shortening

    Item: 104BCD Black Non hollow arm cranks suitable for shortening to 140-150mm for a kids bike, Location: Perth but happy to pay post Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on whats on offer, not too much I hope :) Extra Info: I'm building up a XS 26er for my son, I already have a 1 x 10...
  8. ausdb

    Off road touring MTB Brake choices with front disc only which one BB7 or Hydro?

    Sorry if it sounds a bit rambling but theres lots of ideas going round in my head at the moment:confused: and yes I have searched but most of the posts on this subject are old so I was after some current thinking/ advice. The short story, I am after suggestions of what sort of front disk to...