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    What Women Want - Bike Buying Guide

    There have been many a question raised in this forum about what to look for when buying a new bike or guys wanting to get tips on what to look for when buying their girl a bike. I came across this useful guide this morning and thought I'd share it...
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    Mont 24hr Girls teams

    Hey Girls we are putting together a few female teams for the Mont 24hr (Kowen, Canberra in March 2012), so if you are keen to join a social or racey team of 4 or 6 PM me with your interest. We always have a great time at MTB events, plenty of laughs and encouragement, so what are you waiting...
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    Women's Info Sess @ The Scott

    Womens Information Session – Friday Evening :welcome: After you have set up camp, get yourself a beverage and come and have a chat with other women from 7:30-8:30pm at Marquee no 27 (next to the Simeco tent on the Crit Track). The question for discussion is 'Do we still need women's...
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    LOST Front wheel loftus oval

    Hi Guys and Gals one of our mates has accidently left her front wheel in the Loftus Oval Carpark (Royal National Park) this afternoon Saturday 1st Oct. I'm hoping a trusting Rotorburner has found it and took it back to their place for safe keeping. She really needs this front wheel back as she...
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    FOUND backpack at Terrey Hills

    found today at the carpark opposite the shops at Terrey Hills. looks like someone has come back from a ride and forgotten to put the back pack in the car. I've also left my contact details with the bottle O PM if this is yours - please describe the bag and the content. cheers
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    SCott 24hr - we need a couple of female team mates

    Hi Girls we have a few female teams entered for the 2011 Scott 24hr being held in Canberra this October. A couple of the teams are short a rider. Flick me a PM if you are interested in being in one of the following teams Female Team of 4 (over 40s) Female Team of 4 (open age) Female Team...
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    team members for jetblack 12hr and Scott 24hr

    Hi Girls trying to get a few girls teams sorted for the Jetblack 12hr in Sydney in August and also the Scott 24hr in Canberra in October. Teams of 4 or 6, fast or social approaches. You'll be guaranteed a fun and enjoyable weekend at these 2 events. Jetblack 12hr is held at Dargle Farm...
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    Western Sydney Mtn Bike Club XC Series 2011

    Hi Girls if you are keen to try racing but don't want to enter the bigger events just yet, then why not try a club race? it's a great starting point for anyone thinking they might like to give competive racing a crack or for those not so competitive it's also a good place to achieve some...
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    Harrietville Freeride Park

    Just got back from a week in the Vic Alpine area, staying at Harrietville camp ground. Right next to the camp ground is a freeride park. A couple of our 'older' boys headed over to give it a crack on their big bikes and we ran into a few talented locals - Jake and Jack - cousins. Not sure which...
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    Female team mate needed for Jetblack Sydney - 6hr+6hr version

    Hi girls we have a group of girls doing the Jetblack 24hr event 5-6 Feb, just north of Sydney. Some are doing the full 24hr whilst others are doing the 6hr+6hr (start at 12pm ride till 6pm then up again for 6am to 12pm). The girls are from all over Sydney and Canberra. We are in need of a...
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    caution at Appin

    yesterday we were riding at Appin and on the last loop came upon 2 idiots practising their archery skills at the creek/water crossing near Appin Rd. Even after our riding party gave them a lecture on the dangers of shooting their arrows into the bush that happens to be a mtb track they continued...
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    FOUND bike computer - Royal National Park

    if you lost your bike computer on the trails at Royal National Park give me a yell and describe what it looks like. i found it on Thursday, so am guessing it would have been lost Wed/Thurs.
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    Ride in Sydney this Friday?

    if anyone is up for a ride this Friday let me know as I am not working and will be getting back from WA Thursday night after being away from my new bike for 2 weeks! Hope to ride Saturday as well.
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    Netti Sample Sale

    Hi Girls just thought i would share with you a sale you may be interested in Netti Sample Sale starting this Thursday going through to Saturday. Details below Thursday from 5:30pm, Friday & Saturday from 10Am, to our address located at: Unit 8, 149-163 Mitchell Rd Alexandria NSW 2015
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    Opinions Please

    Hi, i'm currently riding a Giant Trance 1 and want to dabble in some more freeride/lightdh riding and would like to hear some opinions on a couple of choices of bike. 1 Keep Trance and buy Reign x second hand for good price. Sell Trance and buy Santa Cruz Nomad(Dream Bike) with 36 talas and...
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    Opinions please

    Moved to another forum.