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  1. RMB

    Rocky Mountain altitude 70

    Here is my new Rocky, big thanks go out to Rocky Mountain for giving me the frame & to Simon @ Adventure Brands for his support & also to Kegs from Avanti Plus in Wollongong for all my parts.
  2. RMB

    All dressed in Drag!!!

    My Dragster collection!!!
  3. RMB

    My Rock Collection!

    All my Rockies!!!
  4. RMB

    Appin Rock Wallaby Trail

    I'm keen to checkout all the new trails that made up the rock wallaby trail this weekend, does anyone have a GPS map of it or is it still marked from the race?
  5. RMB

    Thredbo day trip from the gong this Saturday 7th

    Looks like I will have two spare seats this Saturday for a day trip to thredbo, PM men if your keen & details! RMB
  6. RMB

    Bike Buller 2012

    We are heading down for the bike buller weekend in march from the gong, may have a few spare seats if anyone is keen PM me for more details!
  7. RMB

    Appin 27k Enduro Trail

    We are heading up to Appin this Saturday morning(18th) ride starting at 9am, if you would like to join in on this awesome ride see you in the carpark(black forester), this is the same track but a little longer that was used for the recent rock wallaby enduro and is not marked. Ride time for this...
  8. RMB

    Stromlo this Saturday XC, how will the DH round affect?

    We are heading down to stromlo this Saturday & I am wondering how much effect the state DH round will have on us, ie can we still ride the luge from skyline?
  9. RMB

    Spare seat for day trip down thredbo from gong, sat 30th

    I have a spare seat in my car, we are doing a day trip down thredbo this Saturday leaving from Corrimal(3:30am), could be your last chance to ride this season. We are no spring chickens so if your over 30 PM me if you are interested. Cheers RMB
  10. RMB

    Seat spare for thredbo day trip from gong, sat 30th

    I've got a spare seat in my car, be a shame not to fill it! Thredbo is nearly closed for the MTB season so this might be your last chance to get a day riding down there. We are leaving from Corrimal(3:30am),were no spring chickens so if your older than 30 PM me if you're interested. Cheers RMB
  11. RMB

    Thredbo Weekend 18th Feb

    A few of us from the gong are going down to Thredbo on the weekend of the 18th of Feb, we have had a few of the crew pull out so we have a few spots available at our accomodation(Snowdrift Chalet).If you like DHing & beer PM me with some details, we may even have a spot in my car.
  12. RMB

    I bet no one has one of these!!!

    2011 Rocky Mountain Flatline World Cup The only complete bike that was brought in by the importers, frame sets are available thou. Specs: Full Shimano Saint Grouppo Race Face cockpit DT Swiss EX500 rims with Saint hubs set up tubeless Fox front & rear
  13. RMB

    Need a rider in our 6 man Mont team!

    We have lost a rider in our 6 man team due to injury, needing a replacement. We are based in the gong, PM me for more details.
  14. RMB

    Would you pay over a grand for a rear derailleur
  15. RMB

    Road Trip Feb 2010

    Me and a mate are planning on doing a 10 day XC/DH road trip early feb next year, we are starting from the gong and want to stop at all the best spots down the south coast,then end up at Mt Beauty/Mt Buller then up through Thredbo/ACT then back home. Any trail suggestions would be great,more the...
  16. RMB

    The 2010 Mont 24 Thread

    Yep,its on again the entries will be open soon for the Mont 2010,get in quick!!!
  17. RMB

    Goulburn XC Track

    We are thinking about going down to Goulburn XC track tomorrow, has anyone done this track and how do you rate it?
  18. RMB

    Bike Case Hire

    I have got a Big Foot hard case that is just lying around collecting dust(Illawarra area),its only two years old and has only been used once, im just wondering if it would be a good idea to hire it out and if so what should i charge ie per week or a one off payment,bond etc, any feedback would...
  19. RMB


    Is anyone going for a ride at Wingello tomorrow? Theres a few of us going down from the gong, should be down there around 9am.
  20. RMB

    Crank Bros XC Wheels

    Im after a new set of high end xc wheels, just wondering if anyone has a set of these wheels as they are on top of my list?