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  1. iscarrr

    STOLEN Trek Madone 5.9, Giant Anthem X29, Argon E112, Giant Crosscity 2W

    All the info is listed here: But I'll go through and list each bikes details here too: Bike: Trek Madone 5.9, 2012 - 60cm (road bike) Colour: Navy/white Date it was stolen: July 29, 2013 Where it was stolen: Wollongong, NSW Specs: Quarq Elsa powermeter...
  2. iscarrr

    Mailing a frame to Europe

    (I've searched, and haven't found anything useful!) I need to ship a frame to Spain. It doesn't need to be super fast/express etc, and I'd prefer it to not cost hundreds of dollars if possible. It's an XL frame, just over a kilo, so fairly light, but as far as frames go, fairly big, too big...
  3. iscarrr

    NSW WTB Fork with 1 inch steerer (threadless)

    Item: Any work with a 1 inch steerer that is threadless. Needs v brake mounts. Suspension or not, not too worried. Location: Wollongong, NSW Price range/Willing to Pay: Max 100 Extra Info: Preferably has a decent amount of steerer tube to use too. Basically I've got an old Giant with those...
  4. iscarrr

    BA classifieds - scams galore?

    A mate linked me with a few roadies this morning from the Bicycling Australia Classifieds - and wow do they have some "amazing deals". It wasnt until i saw a Colnago that I recognised that I was 100% sure almost everything on the site was a scam...
  5. iscarrr

    Ultegra Di2 - confirmed, first look

    Been waiting for this, could be a bit of a game changer: Keen to see pricing, and what they do (if anything) to upgrade the current DA Di2.
  6. iscarrr

    Forks with a 1 inch threadless steerer?

    I've trying to sort of restore my old mans Giant atx770 (circa 1996 i think?), that annoyingly has a 1 inch threadless steerer. It currently has those crappy gold coloured RST forks, and they're pretty much dead. The steerer on them was factory cut super low (as was the trend in those days), so...
  7. iscarrr

    NSW [SOLD] Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow Saddle

    Item: Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow Saddle, 2010 model. Location:Wollongong, NSW Item Condition: Brand new, bought 6 months ago, has been sitting in the garage.[/b] Reason for selling: The main reason I never used this saddle was a slight flaw in the stitching on the side of it (see one of the...
  8. iscarrr

    Sealant leaking at base of valve stem

    I've had good success with tubeless setups in the past, but this one in particular is being a pain. So here's what im working with: -Stans Crest 29, yellow rim tape, stans valve stems (I've had these rims seal up perfectly before) -Maxxis Ikon tyres. Haven't used them before, but got them...
  9. iscarrr

    WTS: Capital Punishment 2011 100km - Cheap

    Slight injury, bad timing, motivation.. my loss is your gain. $90 or nearest offer - message me. Cheers.
  10. iscarrr

    NSW SOLD - 2008 Sidi Dominator MTB shoes - Size Eu 48

    Sold, thanks for interest.
  11. iscarrr

    NSW SOLD - 2008 Five Ten Impact shoes - US 13

    SOLD - thanks for interest.
  12. iscarrr

    How much sealant for 29er tyres?

    Tubeless people, how much sealant are you guys typically putting in each tyre on your 29er? I havent found a lot online, the best link was Which is pretty much 60ml-88ml? Thanks!
  13. iscarrr

    Tube and CO2 for races

    I've always done the usual tape a tube to the seatpost and have a CO2 in the back pocket, or tapped to the post too. Now being on a 29er, obviously the average 16g cannister wont cut it. Gennuine Innovations make 2 cartriges that fit the bill: -25g "Niner"...
  14. iscarrr

    NSW Scott Scale 20, XL, 2007 [SOLD]

    Sold Thanks for the interest.
  15. iscarrr

    NSW SOLD -Transition Bottlerocket - Large, Black, Pimped!

    SOLD - thanks for the interest. Item: 2007 Transition Bottlerocket (Large) Location: Wollongong, NSW Condition: Quite good. The frame has a few scratches but they're only cosmetic. There's a bit of cable wear on the frame, its rubbed the black off a little. Obviously pedals and cranks show...
  16. iscarrr


    SOLD Item: TroyLee D2 Carbon Flame Fullface (2007 model) Location: Wollongong NSW Item Condition: 8/10 id say, its really had light use, never crashed and landed on any part of the helmet. Few scratches on the back of it, but thats it. Reason for selling: Don't use it anymore, not enough...
  17. iscarrr

    Training, getting sick, questions, tips etc.

    Hi guys, I'm basically after some advice/tips from those who put in a decent amount of riding (ill qualify that as 8hrs+ a week). In the last say 6 months ive been upping the amount im riding a fair bit, and to get right to the point, im getting sick more than i ever have, and im just over it...
  18. iscarrr

    Wheelset brand new: DT Swiss EX 5.1D - Hope Pro II [SOLD]

    Sold sorry, thanks for you interest.
  19. iscarrr

    Water bottle CO2 attachment thingy

    Alright guys, ive had a bit of a look around of these, im pretty sure you guys know what i mean. Its either part of a special kind of bottle/biddon cage or its an attachment that goes on the bolts under a cage. Or am i crazy and its just a pump attachment with a co2 canister mushed into it...
  20. iscarrr

    Giant 09 comparison: TCR Alliance 2 vs. Defy Alliance Comp

    Hi guys, Well im in the market for a new roadie, looking at around the 2k mark, and have been playing close attention to the new 2009 Giants. The new range came online in the last week or 2, and 2 models have my attention: TCR Alliance 2 - RRP AU$2195* Defy Alliance Comp - RRP AU$1995* TCR...