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  1. Adamski

    VIC 2012 Banshee Spitfire Large SOLD

    Is this still for sale mate? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Adamski

    VIC SOLD Please Remove

    Sold sold sold.
  3. Adamski

    Last Cord - finished

    Very tidy man. I miss my Last bikes. They're excellent.
  4. Adamski

    VIC SOLD Please Remove

    BUMP. Open to offers. Really good quality protection for DH.
  5. Adamski

    VIC SOLD Please Remove

    Bump this up. Will take most reasonable offers, can also split the bike up, have someone interested in the frame at the moment. If I can get a buyer for the forks and wheels the lot will go. Thanks.
  6. Adamski

    VIC SOLD Please Remove

    Item: Dainese Body Armour Set - Extra Large. I'm 6'2 and it fit well. Location: Kings Park, VIC Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Don't ride downhill any more and only wore it once or twice. Price and price conditions: $200 ONO Pictures: Don't have any photos of my set but...
  7. Adamski

    VIC SOLD Please Remove

    Item: 2008 Specialized Pitch that is far from standard. Location: Kings Park, Victoria Item Condition: Most of it's excellent with a couple of older parts. Reason for selling: Don't get out to ride as much as I used to, have moved on to different hobbies. Price and price conditions...
  8. Adamski

    VIC SOLD Please remove

    Item: Specialized Pitch wheelset Location: Kings Park, Victoria, 3021 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Have been replaced Price and price conditions: $120 plus postage Extra Info: Specialized 20mm front hub, Imperial rear QR hub. DT Swiss 445D rims. Rear wheel weighs 1229g, front...
  9. Adamski

    Post your all mountain bike

    Heaps different. The new forks aren't quite so high and weigh over 400g less so the bike climbs better. The CTD shock is also brilliant, in climb mode it basically rides like a hardtail which is nice on the smooth grinding ascents. Yeah when I blew up my rear shock I was also in two minds...
  10. Adamski

    Post your all mountain bike

    I've just got the Pitch back rolling with MkIII! MkII can be found here Blew up the original shock riding at Buxton on a 35 degree day. The oil just boiled straight out and left me with zero rebound damping. Always wanted to upgrade to a larger bodied shock so the new CTD one should do...
  11. Adamski

    VIC SOLD Please remove

  12. Adamski

    VIC SOLD Please remove

    Item: 2008 Fox Float 36 RC2's Location: King's Park, VIC, 3021 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Upgrading Price and price conditions: $300 ONO. Extra Info: Steerer is 1 1/8th and cut to 187mm with starnut installed. Weigh 2194g. Still operating really well. Just downsized to a...
  13. Adamski

    Buxton - Spider Gully section

    Video doesn't do this trail justice. Far out it's flat out fast and fun. Buxton is a really great loop.
  14. Adamski

    [XC] Pivot 429 Carbon

    Holy crap Geoff! I'm contemplating a 29er as well. Trying to work out if I want to build my Pitch up with new stuff for the 3rd time or just start fresh with a new bike....probably going with the latter when I think about it. Santa Cruz Tallboy LT or Transition Bandit 29er. Got a bunch of...
  15. Adamski

    6 inch plus AM

    Nope. Doesn't have a bottom roller. Lovely bike. I ride a tweaked Specialized Pitch with 1x10, Renthal Fatbar, 50m stem and 36's. Love it.
  16. Adamski

    Nuke Proof Scalp... YEW + Ride Report

    Tough luck with the stroke. Great looking bike mate, chain is supposed to go under the top guide on the Straitline not on top of it though.
  17. Adamski

    Aaron Gwin Hit By Truck.... He's OK

    Must be a pro MTBer thing. Rachel Atherton and now Gwinny.
  18. Adamski

    DH Zerode G1 - The Beast

    It's incredible how much clutter is removed with that drivetrain. Soooo tidyyyy.
  19. Adamski


    VERY good bikes. I've built mine right up from the stock build and I'm amazed at what you can do on them. I'm running 1x10 now and haven't found a climb I couldn't clear yet. Just needs a dropper post and it'll be perfect.
  20. Adamski

    VIC Sold.

    Bump. Sold.