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  1. Mr_Gareth

    VIC WTB XL DH Bike - Only stuff in good condition 2014 or newer please.

    Item: XL Downhill Bike Location: NSW Vic Price range/Willing to Pay: $3000 Extra Info: Only stuff in good condition 2014 or newer please.
  2. Mr_Gareth

    What does less Fork Rake do for you? 2010 Glory 0 vs 2009 0

    Hey guys just a thread to explain to me why in 2010 the glory has gone to having less rake? What advantages does having less rake do? When riding my 2010 Glory I feel like it wants to put me over the bars heaps more, especially in the rougher rocky stuff. I know the feeling of my old 2009...
  3. Mr_Gareth

    Extreme sports premiere in albury!!

    EXTREME SPORTS PREMIERE IN ALBURY!! Hey guys its not very often this kind of thing comes along to a place like Albury so just making sure its getting out there. On saturday night the 24th of October from 8 pm at the Star Bar a new movie named Meet the ...Girls Produced and Directed by...
  4. Mr_Gareth

    Albury/Wodonga Nail Can Evening Rides

    Hey guys the days are getting longer slowly but surely, so I'm now getting my stuff together to get the boys out there for rides on Tuesday and Thursday nights at this stage. Will be leaving the Tafe Jumps at around 10 to 6, anyone is welcome. We have a big variety of riders that are starting...