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    VIC Sold

    Sold please remove
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    VIC Sold

    Sold sold sold
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    Solde Nobby Nic 26" x 2.25" Soldeskin TL-ready Soldstar Sold IN BOX

    Item: Schwalbe Nobby Nic 26" x 2.25" Snakeskin TL-ready Pacestar Location: Fairfield VIC Item Condition: New in box Reason for selling: Not needed Price and price conditions: $50 Or nearest offer. Pictures:
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    VIC Sold

    Sold please delete
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    Sold please delete

    Item: 2014 Fox Float CTD Factory Series Rear Shock 8.5 x 2.5 Kashima Location: Melbourne or Albury Item Condition: Near new (great condition) Reason for selling: Not required Price and price conditions: $380 ONO RRP $659 Extra Info: Will fit Yeti-SB66 Pictures: 2014 Fox's Float...
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    VIC Sold please remove.

    Sold please remove
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    Whistler Aline 2010 Go Pro Edit

    As the title says a quick Aline go pro edit we made last week.
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    Go Pro Chesty at Mt Beauty SC State Track

    As description says: Went up and did a few runs of the Mt Beauty race track on Sunday, loved the track! Heaps of fun and pretty blown out...should be good racing this weekend. Enjoy..
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    Thredbo GoPro HD Chesty Cam

    Here's another chesty cam vid from Thredbo, with a pretty cruisey run following a dude from Sydney Sam...
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    Whistler 2010!!!!

    Heading to Whistler, Canada for the first time around May, who is going? Is Air Canada still the go for flights over there? It's going to be so sweet!!! Has anyone had experience buying a new bike over there? What are the prices like? Lets get this thread happening.... Also decided to start up...
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    Go Pro HD Testing - Mt Buller Australia

    Got a GoPro HD from the family for Christmas, went up to Mt Buller on the weekend and did a bit of testing too see what works well and what doesn't. Love the raw quality but still got a bit to go with the edited/encoded files. Remember to watch in HD and enjoy!
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    Singles Speed Cogs & Sprockets

    G'day everyone, Does anyone have any good sources (website/distributor) for single speed cogs/sprockets that fit on a shimano style splined freehub? Cheers Jeremy
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    Downhill MTB Project

    G'day all, Some of you may remember a while ago (September last year), I posted up some questions regarding user input for a new downhill race frame. Well its been a while and Kendal and I have done quite a bit of work on it. Originally we had proposed to manufacture out of carbon. Time and...
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    Anyone want to come shuttling tomorrow??? Send me a msg 0430 182 550 Jeremy
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    A pro's photo of me...

    Hey everyone check this out, was taken by a local photographer Nic Gibson, she works for the local paper (Border Mail) turned out pretty nice...:) Looks even better in original resolution but I didn't want to kill ppl's bandwidth...
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    Carbon Fibre Gearbox Bike - NEW PICS

    UPDATE: ADDED SOME NEW PICTURES Ok so I've been working on this project for a while now. Quite a few of you gave me some feedback in a thread a while a go for this project too. Anyway we are currently doing detailed design and I thought I'd post a few pictures up of what we have so far...
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    New Design for a DH Race Frame

    G'day Everyone, A friend and myself are design and manufacturing a DH bike frame for our final year uni. project. We are currently looking at customer requirements, we want constructive opinions (i.e. not - this frame is awesome!!!!! and crap like that) from people who meet this criteria...
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    Homemade Bike servicing stand...

    G'day everyone, After years of servicing, rebuilding bikes and trying to juggle parts around with one hand. I thought it was finally time to lash out and make a bike servicing stand. As anything decent is a good few hundred dollars. So three nights later with some RHS scraps and a Clamp from...
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    Scody Multisport Albury DH Club Race

    Hey guys/girls here's a link to some pics Paul B took on Sat. 1st of March, some quality shots in there....check it out....
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    Fox DHX Rebuild - Oil weight

    G'day everyone...if anyone wants to know how to rebuild there DHX here are the it at your own risk... I used 5 weight oil but I think 7.5 weight would probably be better...but this is all personal preference on how you like your dampening, please note oil weight means nothing...