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  1. skwiz05

    Holden out of Oz in 2017

    Apologies if I touched a raw Union nerve Moorey (or any other Unionist). I wasnt union bashing. And (Moorey) - I dont have a "Fuck them Im fine" mentality at all. I was just offering up another avenue of explanation or thought as to why the car industry seems screwed. And i think union...
  2. skwiz05

    Holden out of Oz in 2017

    I think the Falcadore fan boys need to suck it up ( along with other industries) , in that we need to stop blaming the government...... I'd look historically at the Unions...... Always fighting to push up wages for less hours......happened across so many industries.... Now look where we are...
  3. skwiz05

    QR to 10MM conversion

    They look like Hope end caps.......What brand is the hub? If its Hope, you can get 10mm ends....
  4. skwiz05

    Rider dies on Stromlo DH track

    I was there today participating. Fellow rider. Sad. He was racing the Super-D, and crashed over the last jump at the finishline. All praise to the rest of the crew who fought for his life until the ambos arrived. Condolances to his wife and children. Buddy, you will be sadly missed.
  5. skwiz05

    Whats the best chain lube?

    I usually buy BIG bottles of RNR Blue for the MTB....and put it into a chain cleaner...... In one action, clean and lube chain. Waste of time cleaning first with "orange" type friendly chain cleaners, cause theyre not friendly to the wallet....
  6. skwiz05

    VIC Sold

    Item: GRIP Hi-Ride 2 bike carrier with quick release hitch plate Location: Mt Waverley -Melbourne Item Condition: In as New Condition -used about twice. Reason for selling: Selling for Father in Law, whom can no longer ride due to aging knees... Price and price conditions: $250 ono Extra...
  7. skwiz05

    quick release fork mounts and adapters

    Even quicker idea.... A mate of mine got an old 20mm alloy hub, and welded it to a 8mm alloy flat bar, mounted to his ute. Cant get a better fit for your forks than that....
  8. skwiz05

    A observation after a long MTB break

    Today I saw some Specialized Hardrocks for $399 -$450. And the Shimano componentry certainly is better quality today than years ago. The value today in that gets you a decent weekend warrior bike that will more than handle 80/20 road/offroad. Dont believe all the fluff people tell you, keep...
  9. skwiz05

    135mm hub spacers

    And you risk throwing the chainline off, then having to space brake mounts, and bottom brackets and chainrings/cranks.
  10. skwiz05

    Who is right, who is wrong

    If it were me.......No sale has occurred until goods and money exchange (law). Go to the shop, pick a bike of equal or more value and walk out. Or he gives a refund on the spot....... I wouldnt take crap from a goat like this........
  11. skwiz05


    Whos at the nationals from tomorrow?
  12. skwiz05

    Grom DH Bikes - which is better - Kona vs Specialized?

    I still own a Big Hit SPEC in large. Im 100kgs, and ride it hard for light DH/freeride type stuff. A lot of older bikes , stock, may not be as good as newer bikes, until you change a few parts. Nothing wrong with a single pivot, with the right shock (im using DHX5 AIR) and a Totem fork, the...
  13. skwiz05

    Booked for bike rack????

    Yes and technically half the plastic trim on the car not an accident it will cause litter..........what the hell are the law writers coming to? Cant have a roof rack either then? Maybe that low flying news chopper will get its landing skid tangled in your roof...... FFS....
  14. skwiz05

    Angleset headsets.

    Its interesting to see how attitudes change with new products...... Im giggling a bit at how 5 years ago, if you put longer forks on a frame and that caused the angle to slacken, everyone screams about how you'll damage your frame etc etc.....but now with angle sets, effectively doing the...
  15. skwiz05

    Headset help

    Its always a "friend" that seems to make monumental stuff ups when it comes to dis/re-assembly of bikes.......
  16. skwiz05

    Cracked rim - How long till it breaks

    Just looks like you flat spotted near the join and it deformed the edge of the rim a touch.... Straiten and keep riding I'd say. Ive got a rear WTB 32 FR I-beam rim thats had a flat spot, and caused a crack across the valve hole........ I de-laced it, then using blocks of wood, car hyraulic jack...
  17. skwiz05

    Bike stand and locking ideas for DH bike

    Heres a pic of the Grip floor rack ( I have 2x 4 position racks ) but they come in as many positions as you want.......Just dynabolt to floor, weld over the nuts for extra security....
  18. skwiz05

    Bike stand and locking ideas for DH bike

    Ive got a couple of GripSport floor racks bolted to my garage floor, that I lock my bikes to, and they will take fat tyres (2.7s on DH)...... I'd highly recommend them for the OP to look in to....
  19. skwiz05

    Trouble with King headset bind please help!

    Got a few pics? Didnt put the top and bottom cups in the frame wrong way (top in bottom, bottom in top?) Are you using a King race on your fork? If you look closely at the top bearing from the side, is there a tiny gap between the top race and top cup, even on both sides?(1/2 mm) If you...
  20. skwiz05

    Stromlo's Condition

    Anyone got a very recent helmet cam of the track? ....rode it last in Sep for Defence champs, seems some of the changes have given a few more options than before..... But will be there for Feb so nice to know whats changed......