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  1. glenn1529

    Mountain Biking Australia Magazine is finished. Thoughts?

    Mountain Biking Australia Magazine has announced in the latest Issue that they are done. Stating in the Editorial Dominic Unwin states “Yaffa Media have made the difficult decision to cease publishing the quarterly magazine. While COVID-19 hasn’t helped, the change is part of a shift in...
  2. glenn1529

    VIC Straight steerer 29er

    Not mine, and prolly breaking all the trading rules, but there’s a chap selling a unicorn on FB. I’m sure there’s a few ‘Burners keen, best be quick.
  3. glenn1529

    Mt Beauty trail advice

    Hey Folks, I’m considering heading to Mt Beauty’s Big Hill trails (from Wodonga) for a pedal. Last time I was there was National champs 1996ish? Any advice on a good AM/trail loop without shuttles? I’m hoping to avoid the overgrown, chopped up rubbish and missing out on the sweet stuff.
  4. glenn1529

    Sold Fox factory DPS EVOL 216/64 8.5”/2.5”

    Item: Fox Factory DPS EVOL w/3 pos switch and open mode adjust 216/64 8.5“/2.5” Location: Wodonga VIC Item Condition: Unmarked, excellent condition Reason for selling: Upgraded Price and price conditions: $180 posted to you Extra Info: Came off a Pivot Mach6. Custom Tune code CY8L About 10hrs...
  5. glenn1529

    Anyone in Bendigo pick up a bike for me? Anyone heard of that place? It’s not Ballarat.

    Hey Burners, There’s a fella in Ballarat selling an old Diamondback, exactly the same as my first real MTB. Just seeing if there’s anyone close by who might pick it up and keep it safe until I work out some way of getting it to Wodonga. Bike value is about bugger all and getting it couriered...
  6. glenn1529

    VIC Skinwall tyres 29” Found!

    Item: 2x skinwall/tanwall 29x2.2ish tyres Location: your place, I assume Item Condition: decent Reason for wanting: giving the Ritchey a bit of love, time to get some tyres to match the retro theme Price and price conditions: the cheaperer the bettererer Extra Info: I tend to go Maxxis, so Ikons...
  7. glenn1529

    Sold Brand-X Ascend dropper 30.9 120mm

    Item: Brand-X Ascend dropper post. Location: Wodonga, VIC. Item Condition: Very good, minimal wear. functioning fine when removed. Reason for selling: Replaced with the 170mm drop version of the same. Price and price conditions: $100 posted. Extra Info: 30.9 dia, 120mm drop, 1x lever and...
  8. glenn1529

    Sold Fox F29 (float) QR lowers

    Item: fox 32mm QR lowers Location: Wodonga, VIC. Item Condition: Good, used but not damaged. Reason for selling: Surplus. Price and price conditions: Free, just cover postage. Extra Info: About 2011 vintage, but likely to fit quiet a wide range of years. Matte white with for(k)skin on the left...
  9. glenn1529

    VIC Forgive me, for I have sinned

    We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. I admit now that I have dipped my toe in the road scene. In my defence, I have not uttered the words Strava, threshold or power meter out loud. Item: A few bits I tried on my CX/roady. I’m heading down more of a tourer/bikepacking set up, so no longer...
  10. glenn1529

    VIC 10sp XT front shifter- Sorted

    Item: SL-M780 XT front/left shifter. Must be I-spec B Location: I’m in Wodonga, where you? Item Condition: good to excellent. Reason for begging: doing silly things with my roady Price and price conditions: I assume these things are heading to landfill, so prolly not a lot? Extra Info: don’t...
  11. glenn1529

    Sold Fox Float X ctd 216x63 8.5x2.5”

    Item: 2014 Fox Float X ctd 216x63mm or 8.5”x2.5” from a Pivot Mach 6 Location: Wodonga, Vic Item Condition: well loved. needs a service, all adjusters functioning but sticky. Shaft immaculate, a few wear marks on the body. Tune ID CNBF Reason for selling:surplus to requirements. Price and price...
  12. glenn1529

    RaceFace Atlas Bar and Stem

    Item: RF Atlas 35 bar and 60mm stem Location: Wodonga Item Condition: lightly used, fitting marks only. A bit of glue residue from grips. Reason for selling: I prefer more sweep. Price and price conditions: $80 posted or swap for Syntace 12* bars. Extra Info: 35mm clamp 800mm wide 8* sweep...
  13. glenn1529

    Sold Kenda 27.5x2.8 tubeless tyres

    Item: 2x Kenda Havoc sport 27.5x2.8 tubeless ready tyres Location: Wodonga, Vic Item Condition: Brand spankers Reason for selling: these tyres are so phat, they make my legs look skinny. Price and price conditions: $60 for the pair, posted. Extra Info: very similar pattern to a WTB Ranger...
  14. glenn1529

    Sold Spank Oozy 395+ boost 27.5” wheelset

    Item:27.5 Spank Oozy 395+ Boost wheelset on Novatec Hubs, shimano driver Location: Wodonga, Vic Item Condition: very little use, excellent condition Reason for selling: not getting any use Price and price conditions: $280 posted Extra Info: 35mm inner Pictures:
  15. glenn1529

    VIC Stan’s 135qr end caps Found!!

    Item: Stan’s 3.30 ti type 2 rear wheel 135 qr end caps, for shimano driver Location: I’m in Wodonga, VIC Item Condition: not screwed Reason for needing: skinny frame Price and price conditions: cheap’s good, I’m sure there’s thousands out there, sitting neglected in parts boxes. Give them a new...
  16. glenn1529

    Sold Sold SRAM NX groupset

    Item: 2017 SRAM NX 11 speed rear shifter, rear mech. PG 1130 11-42 cassette (shimano freewheel/NOT XD) PC 1110 chain Location: Wodonga VIC Item Condition: nearly new, maybe 200km on them. Can see the anodising just starting to wear on the cassette Reason for selling: not needed, splitting bike...
  17. glenn1529

    Sold RF Aeffect crankset, BB and 28t

    Item: RaceFace Aeffect 175mm crankset with RF X-type Team threaded bottom bracket and 28t direct mount NW chainring Location: Wodonga VIC Item Condition: basically new, mebbe 200km on them, a tiny mark on the end of one crank arm. BB perfect. Reason for selling: not needed, splitting out Price...
  18. glenn1529

    NSW Sold Tranz-x dropper 31.6/150

    Item: Tranz-x dropper post Location: Wodonga VIC Item Condition: excellent, only about 200km of use. A tiny mark on the lower as seen in the pics, upper perfect Reason for selling: not needed, splitting bike Price and price conditions: $130 plus post Extra Info: 31.6mm dia 150mm drop...
  19. glenn1529

    Sold SRAM Level T brakes and rotors

    Item: SRAM Level T brakeset and SRAM rotors Location: Wodonga VIC Item Condition: lightly used, maybe 200km on them. A couple of tiny marks from fitting, storage. Reason for selling: not needed, splitting bike Price and price conditions: $120 seems to be the going rate, plus post. Extra Info...
  20. glenn1529

    Sold Norco Torrent HT large Sold

    Item: 2017 Norco Torrent 7.1 Large Location: Wodonga VIC Item Condition: Barely used, maybe 200km on it. A few little marks on it, on the top tube and inside the seat stay. mostly from storage sadly. Shown in pics Reason for selling: not needed, splitting out bike Price and price conditions...