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  1. dj jedijunglesnow

    Call Out to BH Lynx 4.8 29 owners!

    Hey Burners, I broke the rear bolt thru axle (at the quick release) on my BH Lynx 4.8 29er. Does anyone know the size of it? I'm trying to find a replacement and can't find the exact specs anywhere. Cheers!
  2. dj jedijunglesnow

    NSW Sold

    Item: Rockshox revelation rc29 140mm travel Location: Northern Beaches Sydney Item Condition: near New Reason for selling: not using Price and price conditions: $ 350; local pick up Extra info: Perfect condition, Only 5 rides old came off 2015 stumpjumper evo 29er which Has only just...
  3. dj jedijunglesnow

    NSW sold

    ITEM: Fox Evolution 29er Forks 120mm CTD tapered 15mm axle LOCATION: Sydney; Nthn Beaches or North Sydney ITEM CONDITION: Very good. 1 year old, zero marks on stanchions. One scratch only one sticker ( pictured below). REASON FOR SELLING: Went for something with longer travel. PRICE...
  4. dj jedijunglesnow

    Manitou Minute Pro 29er

    Ok, gonna start a new thread as I can't find anything on this. Long time member, long time watcher/stalker, occasional poster. So, currently running Fox Evolution CTD 29er in 120mm on my trail bike and looking at the Manitou Minute Pro as an upgrade. Would they be an upgrade? i find the...
  5. dj jedijunglesnow

    NSW Sold

    Sold! Thanks for looking. Item: 2007 Giant Trance 1. Medium. Location: Allambie or can be at St Leonards Item Condition: Very good condition, just usual wear & tear. I have other bikes to go hard on so this has served as my XC bike and had a relatively easy life. Looked after and...
  6. dj jedijunglesnow

    NSW Fuji SLM 29 3.0 full carbon hardtail SOLD

    SOLD! Thanks for looking. Pictures:
  7. dj jedijunglesnow

    WTB: Single crown 170mm tapered fork

    WTB: Single crown 170mm tapered fork Interested if anyone has anything going...
  8. dj jedijunglesnow

    Capital punishment 100km entry for sale

    Capital punishment 100km entry for sale Regretable, was keen as for this. Now I have to put new sewar drains in at home so I'll be digging instead of riding :-( $100 and in your in! Looking at the other ones for sale you may be up for a transfer fee ( ?). PM me if your keen, or I'm on 043...
  9. dj jedijunglesnow

    Dirtworks Entry Available!

    Yep, that's right. My brother has broken his elbow so he can't race. That means there's an entry available for the first taker. It's for the 100 too. He just wants back what he paid for it, the standard affair, so first in first served boys and girls!
  10. dj jedijunglesnow

    Tyre Gremlins

    There is something seriously scary (how's that alliteration!) about the way punctures work. As you all well know if you ever talk about flats of change a tyre or anything immediately before a ride you are virtually garuanteed to get a flat. I have never had a flat front trye, even when I...
  11. dj jedijunglesnow

    More Sea Otter porn!

    I treid to put this in bulk news but wasn't allowed to post there. Anyway, some more bike porn from Sea Otter: How's the pick up truck? Yee Haa!! (Insert banjo here)
  12. dj jedijunglesnow

    Manly Dam

    This is from today's Syd Morn Herald. No stricly bike related, but interesting little read for anyone who rides there and knows the area well.
  13. dj jedijunglesnow


    To all those in Sydney who missed out on riding yesterday due to the rain, I do apologise. It was all my fault. I got a new bike....
  14. dj jedijunglesnow

    Manitou Metal

    Hey guys, I need a new rear shock :( . Steve Cramer is doing a trade in deal through your LBS where they'll give 15% off the price of the new model Manitou Metal ( the higher end one with adjustability). Has anyone seen these yet? How do they rate? I know they're meant to be a little more...