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    Magura brake rotor pulsing

    My Magura brakes have always pulsed from new. Two sets of MT Trails sports with 180mm HC rotors all round. The pulsing is audible under hard braking and I can feel it through my arms. Last weekend while servicing a hub, I noticed the wear marks on the rotor went onto the ‘spoke’ of the disc. I...
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    Some useful 3D printed parts, tools and accessories

    Combining hobbies here, but I have printed a handful of genuinely useful things for my bikes and thought to list them out, none of these designs are mine but I have tested them and yet to break them Ayup light handlebars mount. These are just a copy of the standard mount you buy...
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    Marino SS

    After much searching for a frame to replace my Niner ROS 9 as it was a bit short, I decided to get a frame made through Marino. I test rode a few bikes, but in the end they either weren't SS native (Norco Torrent) or required too many part changes, i.e. boost or seat post shims (Specialised...
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    Sold SOLD Rockshox Lyrik airshaft 160mm soloair

    Item: Lyrik 27.5 160mm airshaft Location: Newcastle Item Condition: brand new Reason for selling: removed from brand new 2017 Lyrik to fit coil conversion Price and price conditions: $10? Extra Info: soloair version, probably suits someone wanting to adjust travel rather than upgrade airspring...
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    Sold SOLD Rockshox Charger damper RC

    Item: rockshox charger RC damper from a 2017 27.5 Lyrik 160mm Location: Newcastle Item Condition: brand new Reason for selling: upgrade to RC2 Price and price conditions: $100 - someone tell me if this is reasonable or not Extra Info: brand new, suit someone with a dead motion control damper...
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    NSW XT/XTR 10sp rear shifter

    Item: XT/XTR 10sp shifter Location: Newcastle but happy to pay postage Item Condition: used but shifting well Price and price conditions: less than new price from CRC/Merlin etc Extra Info: I spec whatever don’t mind so long as the shifts are still crisp Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    AM V2 Spitfire

    Frame - 2017 Banshee Spitfire Rear shock - Cane Creek In-line Coil w 450lb Valt spring Fork - 160mm Pike RCT3 w Luftkappe Handlebars - Thomson Trail 750mm Stem - Thomson X4 40mm Headset - Banshee Grips - Raceface Saddle - SDG Charger Seatpost - Brand X 125mm w Raceface 1x lever Brakes - Magura...
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    FIT4 lockout sticking

    I have noticed my lockout is sticking on both my FIT4 forks. First noticed it on a brand new 2018 fork as I run remote lockout on it and it won’t release while the front end has weight on it and it’s damn annoying. Then while playing around with my 2017 fork I noticed the same thing after a...
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    NSW Fox Luftkappe tooling

    Item: Fox NA2 or Evol Luftkappe tools Location: Newcastle Item Condition: used Reason for selling: Price and price conditions: beer? Extra Info: Just testing the water to see if anyone has either the tools for the NA2 or Evol Luftkappe upgrade. Preferably just the little bullet tool for the...
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    NSW Fox 34 and Rockshox Revelation volume spacers

    Item: volume spacers/bottomless tokens Location: Newcastle Item Condition: brand new Reason for selling: surplus/no longer required but also don’t want to throw them in the bin Price and price conditions: pay postage and they’re yours Extra Info: can assist with installation in Newcastle is...
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    AM Niner ROS 9 SS

    Little teaser of this weekends rainy plans. Will update as it progresses. One part still in the post (pun intended) and the less exciting bits are still on the old frame this is replacing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    AM Lapierre XM527 e:i-less

    Bought a brand new 2016 XM527 mid last year for 60% or so off retail as I had sold my old dually around 8 months prior and was looking that whole time for a new bike. Since then I have replaced lots. Original forks sucked, put an extra token in but they still sucked so they went. New...
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    XC Specialized Crave SL

    Been almost 2 years and 2000km, thought I should put this up. One pic from today, and one from the for sale ad. It’s my first singlespeed and has been a blast. Was my only bike for almost 12 months. Bit of a handful with 685 bars, 60mm stem and 71.5 degree HA. There are very few trails...
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    FIT4 stuck rebound knob

    So bought a second hand fork with the FIT4 damper and the rebound adjustment is seized After a bit of reading and look on the fox service website, one of the service steps is to remove the shaft and clean the detent ball and regrease. My...
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    Replacement 184x44mm shock

    So I have a Lapierre XM527 with the fancy e:i system on it which works well while it works but recently it has been playing up again. Now being frustrated with it, I just want it gone. The current shock is a Monarch RT3 but looking at either a CC DBAir in-line or Fox DPS or DPX2 to replace it...
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    Chain reaction slooooow

    Ordered Sunday, still processing and no response to emails. Usually I'm one to say calm your tits and be patient but usually they're fairly good but I'm excited as it's parts for my new bike. Anyone else ordered recently from them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Specialized Crave SL BB width?

    Just replaced my BB due to a failed drive side bearing. Out of curiosity I measured the distance from the inside of each crank to the seat tube and came up with a 5mm difference. I have a 68/73mm BB so put a spacer in either side which then made the crank bind up. I removed the drive side...
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    SRAM Rise 40 freehub body

    So after putting new wheel bearings in my rear wheel, I reckon my freehub is cooked in some way and I am going to buy a replacement. Does anyone know if the X9 v2 fits? It is a different part number but the v1 x9 shares a freehub body with the x7 and rise 40. I'm looking for something...
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    New Newy member

    Quick intro. I've been mountain biking for about 3 years now. Started with a Trance 29er and just rebuilt it after about 2500km of nearly pure single track (and no maintenance apart from new tyres and pads!) Full rebuild down to pivot bearings and currently going through a 1x conversion and it's...