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    NSW 26” Wheelset or Hubs and Rims

    Looking to buy or build up some 26” wheels for a new (retro) acquisition. Happy to build my own wheels from parts or buy a complete wheel set if it’s in decent nick. Specs I’m looking for: Rim brake 135mm rear 100mm front Location: Sydney, but will pay postage if sensible Condition...
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    WTB - 27.5 Non-Boost Wheelset

    Item: 27.5 Wheelset 100x15 Front 142x12 Rear XD Driver Condition: Functional will do Price: $250 (might stretch a little for quality) Location: Sydney, but happy to have them shipped if they're good.
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    NSW SYD - Commuter Frame/Fork

    Looking for a frame, fork and headset to build a commuter out of, so doesn't need to be anything fancy. Could be an MTB frame or road frame with disc tabs. Details: Size - M/L 29 or 27.5 Wheels Disc compatible Prefer BSA bottom bracket Also need a set of 2x10 SRAM shifters and short throw...
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    [SYD] - WTB - Fat Bike

    Hi All, Looking to try a fat bike out and don't want to spend a heap on a tester to start. Have seen plenty of cheapies online from Reid etc, but want to avoid them if possible. Not fussed about suspension, but will look at it if the price is right. I'm 186cm so probably looking for a large...
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    SRAM 1x11 X1-1000 Cranks & Praxis Works BB SOLD

    Item: SRAM X1-1000 Cranks Location: Sydney Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Upgrade Price and price conditions: $120 Postage Included Extra Info: Came stock on my new bike in November, have since upgraded. Cranks both in great condition other than a couple of strike marks on the ends...
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    Mini Shimano XT 10sd Groupset - SOLD

    Item: Mini XT 10speed Drivetrain Groupset Location: Wollstoncraft Item Condition: A+ Bought to upgrade the drivetrain on my existing bike. Rode it for 20k....bought a new bike Reason for selling: Bought an entire new bike with Sram11..... Price and price conditions: $200 - Shipping included...
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    Deore to Mavic 26" Wheels + Tire SOLD

    Item: Deore Hubs / Mavic X223 Disc Rims Location: Wollstonecraft, but drive around Sydney a bit, so could possibly deliver Item Details: Good, but not amazing. A couple of small dings in the rims, minimal buckles. Hubs till spin fine. Great set of wheels for a commuter. Also includes the...
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    Sydney Shop with Body Armour to try on

    Hi All, Was wondering if anyone could recommend a shop in Sydney that stocks body armor to try before buy? Mainly after the softer padded knee and elbow guards. Not full on DH armor. Stopped into Brookvale Cycles today, had Fox and ICS? But not much stock left after xmas trade. North shore...
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    Good condition $15 posted to your door. :) Pic below:
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    How NOT to race a Win-and-Out............

    A win and out for those that haven't raced one, is a 7 lap race where the first three laps don't score. On the fourth lap whoever wins the sprint wins the race and can withdraw, then who ever wins the second sprint wins second and can withdraw. I think you can figure out how 3rd and 4th are...
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    I need a new Track Chainring

    Hey guys, I know this isn't really the right spot for this, but I figured it wouldn't get seen in the usual WTB forum. I need a new chainring for my track bike, a 1/8th 51 and/or 52 in 144 BCD would be fantastic. Let me know if you've got anything you'd part with :) cheers -Garth
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    Friday Night Winter Track Racing

    There's been mention of it in other threads, I just thought I'd start bit of a roll call to see who's going to be out on the boards in the comming weeks. Also, who's done this before? Any tips/strategy for a first time racer? :confused: Also post up your weapon of choice, (not just any old...
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    Tragedy at Barrenjoey Road at Palm Beach

    My heart goes out to whoever this was and those that new her.
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    After all that work, eh? TEMPLATE please.
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    Grips, bung fingers and lock-ons: Help?

    I have a problem, that I think I have a good idea what the solution is, but I thought I might throw it to the forum to see if you can shed some more light on it. I ride trials, and as a result of my bike setup I get seriously sore hands after and hour or so. More specifically on the underside...
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    Mont 24, so who's going?

    So who's making the trip?? And what are you riding when you get down there? How many in the team etc........ I was going to do both the 24 race as well as the trials comp, but was too slow getting a team together. So now I'm just doing the trials comp (hence I'll be riding a funny looking...
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    Cranks: Triple ring, Square or ISIS

    I'm trying to track down a set of square taper triple ring cranks. I'm not looking for anythig flash (ie sub $80 would be great). Preferably 175mm but any lenght will prolly do the job. If someone has a set of ISIS BB and cranks going at the right price then I would take a serious look at...
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    Shimano rear road Mechs, what's the difference??

    I'm getting new rear Mech for my trials bike and was wondering what the difference between this: and This...
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    31.8mm Stems.... Options?

    I'm looking at getting a new stem for my trials bike and I don't want to replace the bars, just change their position. So I was wondering who else makes 31.8mm clamp stems?? I've found a couple but was wondering if anyone else knew of any (no I don't want those mega heavy raceface ones) At...
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    Riki Murata - Canberra - Crazy Japanese Trials Rider

    This is a vid of Riki Murata a pro from Japan who has been out in Aus for the last couple of months riding at all the comps and locations he can. This was made over a couple of days in Canberra over the Long weekend, filmed and edited by the boys at (aka Alex Markwart)...