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    What's your chain cleaning routine?

    Historically, when I commuted a bit, I used a general oil based chain lube, topped it up every month or so and cleaned the chain and casette (not very well) every few months. Good enough. Having recently started MTB I started using a wax (Zefal Extra Dry). That works fine but does not last and...
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    Spray.Bike - Paint my bike advice!

    I purchased a Specialized Rockhopper Expert beginning of last year. It was supposed to be a Specialized Epic Evo Comp (I had on lay-by) but COVID closed my business so I used what I'd already paid to get into something! I'm slowly upgrading it. First was pedals, then grips and a dropper post on...
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    Dropper post. OneUp vs Brand X vs X-Fusion

    Hi All, looking to upgrade my seat post to a dropper post. Am at the lower to mid end of pricing. I have internal routing on my Specialized Rockhopper. X Fusion Manic - my son has this post on his Rocky Mountain hardtail and not had any issues with it, although he’s only 10. Comes with a cable...
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    Grips for small hands.

    Can someone please recommend a grip. 10yr old boy, slimmer would be better lock on <$30 general use, road and trails. long(ish) lasting available online in Oz if possible. Thanks.
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    MTB Etiquette

    First kind. I recently bought my 9 yr old son a mountain bike which he spends just about every spare moment on. Last week some friends took him to Lysterfield which he loved. He wants to get out and about more on some trails so he has persuaded me to buy a bike which I'm picking up...