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    After 9 rad years, I'm out.

    Well boys and girls, it's finally time for me to move on. Joined Rotorburn (Farkin as it was known) back in 2003 and spent the best part of a decade debating the merits of pretty well everything; it's now 2012 and while I still love riding as much as ever, I'll be more or less disappearing from...
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    VIC sold

    Item: GT Force 2, 2010 model, size Large. Purchased in November 2010. Location: Melbourne. Item Condition: Excellent. This bike has done under 500km EVER, it's still on its original tyres and they're far from bald. All components on the bike are in top condition, though with a couple of...
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    3D printed stainless & carbon Vorwaertz track frame construction

    Normally I'm all about function over form, but wow!
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    Kovarik in Whistler

    By far the best 2 mins of riding footage I've seen this year: Those fireroads have seriously sharp drops at the edges.... run wide and you're in BIG trouble!
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    DSE literally spying on mountain bikers.. WTF?

    So we were riding DH at a reasonably well known location east of Melbourne today, when someone spotted one of THESE strapped to a tree in a less-than-obvious location facing the carpark/turnaround. That little bugger is a motion-sensor camera that photographs anything that gets within 15m of it...
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    Giant introduce an awesome innovative new standard.,2586/Slideshow,0/bturman,109 Yep, these guys really are the biggest bike company in the world... GTFO clowns.
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    Baic Industries launch revolutionary debut products

    Melbourne, Australia 32/03/11 Baic Industries is pleased to formally release details of its debut products, including a new rear axle design and axle standard for downhill bikes called Craxle and a revolutionary set of crowns for all the major dual crown forks featuring a curved steerer tube...
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    So I'll be booking a DH trip to NZ very shortly... here's why. Hell yeah! Anyone who's been there knows how huge that hill is!
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    VIC 2010 Boxxer coil spring leg (from Race or Team) - will trade for air leg.

    Item: 2010/11 Boxxer coil spring leg, including stanchion, spring, topcap assembly, top-out assembly, and spring plunger rod - ie EVERYTHING from the left leg of the fork except the actual lowers themselves. Can be from a Race or a Team model, not too fussed about whether I get the dropstop...
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    VIC found

    Item: enduro/AM/trailbike frame Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Broken/cracked/currently unrideable Price and price conditions: $100-200 depending on what you got, condition etc Extra Info: 4.5-6" travel (120-150mm) Size large/suitable for rider 6'2" Prefer frame with shock Less...
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    Leogang gets 2012 World Champs

    Read it on Dirt -
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    Tri-ride Val di Sole video

    Shows just how mental that track really is!
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    More Whistler stuff

    My mate Ross cracked the headtube of his bike due to riding too fast and too hard for too long, so he borrowed his girlfriend's bike (gentleman through and through) in order to putt around the hill and take some photos today. All photos by Ross Dunlop. Trying to kill the 2nd corner on...
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    Steve's Whistler 2010 thread... updated 18/08, Canadian Open race run

    New thread for the 2010 season! For best quality, click the Vimeo logo, then download the original file from the link on the right side of the page below the video itself. First vid - one of the many many reasons why you should be in Whistler right now... this is a big rock roll, I'd...
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    DH I am Legend/Out for Blood... Mk2

    I was lucky enough to be on the pre-production test program for Banshee with the original Legend Mk1, 50 or so riders around the world rode them into the ground to find out what worked and what didn't. Keith Scott, Banshee's designer/engineer, took all our feedback on board to develop the Mk2...
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    The push-yourself thread.

    Your life sucks. So does mine. We are currently operating at about 1% of capacity. Now we've got that out of the way, time to start fixing it up. It's 3am where I am and I'm on a mountain bike forum looking for some form of self enlightenment, so we're not off to a great start, but I need...
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    Recommend me an MP3 player that doesn't suck.

    So my Samsung YP-3K thing abruptly shat the bed after working fine for a year and a half, like virtually every mp3 player seems to. So what I'm after is something cheapish, reliable, plug-and-play (no iTunes bullshit or equivalent), 4gig or more capacity, decent sound quality, easy to use and...
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    Suspension setup and spring rate survey

    After some fairly basic, standardised info from some of you guys regarding the spring rates you run on your DH bikes, front and rear. If you could fill out the following template for me that would be much appreciated, but please only reply if you can actually fill out ALL the fields - if you...
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    Schumacher racing F1 again next season. Hell yeah!
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    Overseas volunteer placements - who's done one?

    Half thinking of doing a volunteer placement overseas at some point in the next couple of years, who here has done one? Where'd you do it, what kind of work were you doing, who were you doing it with/through, what'd it cost? I'd kinda like to do it somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, for a minimum...