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    Who lost a Yeti They're looking for the owner.
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    Chain Free

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    VIC Yarra Trails, Yarra Flats Area & Banksia to Bonds Rd Single Track

    Yarra Trails, Yarra Flats Area & Banksia to Bonds Rd Single Track 22/03/18, Trees across single track in Yarra Flats paddock section. Also trees down in the Banksia to Bonds up near the Dip, too large to roll over. fyi. There's another tree down back near the pipe bridge heading down river...
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    XC Giant XTC ADVANCED 29ER 1

    Was looking for a new XC ride, hard tails are great value when looking at weight and efficiency and most of my riding is xc, Forrest, Wombat, Smith Gully, Yarra Trails, Plenty VIC. $3699.00 Its a medium, weight is 10.4KGs (after converting to tubeless), tubes were 460 grams thick bastards...
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    Bike Theft Parkville

    The intruder entered the cage at 1.00 by reaching his arm over the door and pushing the handle to let himself in.
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    1x11 Front Ring alignment

    A new Giant xtc 29er, 1x11 xt with 11-46 and back pedaling on the 46 causes chain to drop down cassette, now mechanic at shop says its due to large size cassette. New bike so hasn't been ridden yet. He doesn't know I've converted quite a few 1x11s and don't have chain drop issue. Looking at...
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    Shimano 1x11 11-46

    so going from 1x10 34:11-42 to 1x11 34 or 36 11-46, who can tell me what gains there would be with a 36 11-46 up front compared to 34 11-46 compared to 11-42? I want to run 36 up front for a bit more top end, but concerned that then gives me a similar set up as 11.42 with 34 and want a bit...
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    Bike Rack Under $200

    just got one of these $149 + $50 postage from t7. Fitted it on last night, pretty impressed for price. seems strong, tested bikes on and all good, was going to go for a more expensive Thule, but money saved on rack is money spent on bike. It doesn't tilt back, apart from that no more worries...
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    Women's Specific ... What Da?

    I'm putting this post up as a service to poor bastards like me who have new riders (women) come up and ask for advice on whether the women specific bike is the go for xc. a few observations about women, these are man observations - so please to self no sexist generalizations (as we all like...
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    VIC Odyssey - Forrest

    Giant Odyssey - Saturday 21st March 2015, anyone on here doing it? Seems numbers are down on last year.
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    Voigt smashes world hour record, covers 51.115 kilometres Achieving the goal he announced earlier this month, Jens Voigt entered a very select group of riders in breaking the world hour record in Switzerland today. The Trek Factory Racing rider clocked up an impressive 51.115 kilometres...
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    Mountain bike riders deliberately hurt as tracks sabotaged with rocks logs: Nerang

    I don't know the area just saw the news item, anyone on here ride around there? Courier Mail
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    hope tour

    when you look at this it shows there is hope for local Australian manufacturing, create a high quality product and they will come.
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    Topless models for Total Rush shop re-launch?!?!

    copied from bv forums. Damage control:
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    who is the fat lampre guy?

    this is bugging me, just who is the fat lampre guy?
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    Riding A Bike Over 72ft Canyon - Amazing!

    here's one for you-all.
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    VO2 Max Calculator & Fitness Age

    interesting study identifying key factors that contribute to v02 Max - that can be estimated using online calculator. Age article; calculator: My VO2MAX is calculated...
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    Are Full Gas out of Gas?

    noticed now resolves to the club website, so is that it for full gas? I did most of their events over the years they run a good event, would be a pity if they are no longer operating. anyone know?
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    BOTM Dec 2012

    come on guys get behind your homemade brother.....well you can vote for any bike, but I like this one.
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    Giant xtc 29 composite

    Just finish putting this together tonight - Giant 29 XTC composite hard tail. Picked up frame from rotorburner - Softek (thanks for good deal mate). moved all other parts off my XTC 29 Alu bike. New set of wheels, Stan's Crest, Hope Hubs, DT spokes built by CRC - tubeless also. XT...