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    NSW Mountains to Beach for school kids

    Im bringing along a few school kids and will be calling it a school excursion this year. If anyone else wants to utilise my principal who will be driving and supporting and have a kid or two they can bring along, we will get a better price with more of us in a group when booking. Students...

    School state and national enduro champs

    Hi guys, I have a had a bit of a look through some of the club websites. Does anyone know when the NSW (WSMTB) school champs and ACT school enduro champs are on this year? Im trying to get funding through...

    2011 Dwellingup 100

    Just a race vid - I highly recommend this race, some very cool trails.

    Dwellingup 100 Aren't there any rotorburners doing this event? I just pre-rode an 11km section of the track and I think Forrest is no longer may fav single track! Ill try and find some pics.

    Mawson entry - half price ish!

    I won an entry to the Mawson but have already entered. Anyone keen for it? It is worth $380. Let the bidding begin.... I was hoping for $190 ish to cover some of my expenses! Closest offer to $190 wins....

    Capital Punishment - Im too stingy to fly down for a sat start....

    if you can replace the value of the ticket, I will pull the pin. Im spending far too much on racing this year to pay another $400 for flights for this one!

    dead polar s710 or s720

    I have had my polar hrm for possible 7-8years, and have now got a MEMORY FAILEd on the screen. I try holding down the reset and it blanks screens and comes back up with the same error. So my questions are: has anyone heard of this happening, and do I give up and just get a garmin?

    Kona 24hr?

    Why aren't people talking this event up? It would seem all the NSW races get a good mention... This event sounds great, anyone been?