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    Who's using pinch flat protection

    Wondering who is using pich flat protection in their tubless tyres. Which system and how's it working???
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    27.5 + aftermarket wheels

    So, I'm on 27.5+ plus wheels now. It's going pretty well. The wheels the bike came with are pretty hefty though. anyone purchased aftermarket wheels for theres?? the easiset to get seems to be the Spank Oozy. any other suggestions??
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    Mondraker buying experience

    Hi I'm interested in the experience of buying a Mondraker. I have my eyes on a prime Interested in the after sales support.. On a side note. Any prime owners out there? Can't see any reviews online
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    Elourea Bushland Reserve

    nothing in Elourea reserve???
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    Elourea Bushland Reserve

    nothing in Elourea reserve???
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    Front Forks???

    After 25 years of riding MTB I have an observation i want to table. "FRONT forks" or "FRONT suspension forks"???? Have i missed something? Are there REAR forks??? Not having a whinge, or knocking other riders, It's just a little funny to me.
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    Specialized Carve SSer 2013.

    Anyone on the new 2013 Specialized carve sser yet???
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    Rola roof racks and 15mm axles

    Just bought myself a new fork with a 15mm QR axle. Was washing the car and realised i could no longer put the bike on the roof rack. Do any of you farkiners (you will always be farkiners to me) know if there is an adaptor for a rola roof rack to take a 15mm QR axle???
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    need new spare wheel set

    I'm on the hunt for an inexpensive 2nd set of wheels. I've spotted the mavic on XT over at torpedo 7, TBSM were selling the jet blacks for $319, anyone spotted any other deals worth checking out???
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    new 29er stuff ( rip off)
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    Avanti's are looking alright again. No Sser this year though
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    Single Speed Crank question

    Hi Kids. I've managed to snap the axle of 2 sets of XT external BB cranks. I'm wondering what you 29er ssers are running. I'm thinking of going to an isis style BB set up. What say you SSers???
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    Velocity VXC wheels. Anyone got a set??

    Looking at a set of VXC wheels. Wondering if anyother Farkiner's ( you will always be Farkiners to me) have a set?? Any good??
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    Hmm. Not bad. Avanti.
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    So. Who is "rockin" (as the cool kids say) Glowworm lights????
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    I need a box of tissues.
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    ss hub

    Item: Single Speed hub rear please Location: Send it to Newcastle please Price range/Willing to Pay: depends on the hub Extra Info: um, single speed hub rear?? would prefer a bolt up version but not overly worried if it isn't
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    Who's the gun 29er wheel builder in Sydney Hunter area??

    Got my rims, got my hubs, now all I need is a gun wheel builder to build me up a strong set of wheels. Who's been building strong wheels lately. I'm in the Newcastle area, but get down the freeway to Sydney for work regularly.
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    Glenrock DJ's

    What a mess
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    29er SS wheels. Custom Build or prebuilt?

    Just bought a 29er sser. Wanting to upgrade the wheel set. Has a sun rim, and a no name hubset at the moment. Wondering what other 29er riders recomend. Custom built wheel's or over the counter jobbies. Personally I love the hope hubs so I'll probably get a set bulit up, so the 2nd...