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  1. Plow King

    So, who can fill me in on the past 10 years?

    I've been away from mountain biking from a while. What's changed? A few notable things I have noticed; The Giant Reign appears to be the most popular bike going around. Everyone wants one and they're sold almost immediately second hand on every platform. 26" bikes are now council clean up...
  2. Plow King

    China import/shipping/port fee help

    Hows it going guys. I was hoping someone could chime in and help me out. Basically I have recieved a quote for importing a number of car parts from China which I am happy with. The shipping from china to the Melbourne port is $480... which is fine but it does not include any of the duty or...
  3. Plow King

    VIC Cheap or free bike in VIC

    Item: Cheap or free mountain bike for the mrs to ride around on Price: free or as close ti as possible Location:SE Melbourne
  4. Plow King

    Not happy with insurance repair offer. What are my options?

    This is going to be very undetailed so it doesnt effect the insurance result outcome (not that it should) but basically I had an accident recently (not my fault) in which I was t boned. The actual b pillar has been damaged and they want to repair/replace that part. I honestly thought that as...
  5. Plow King

    Seeking advice on: Best place to look for a BIG screen TV. Sales to wait for etc

    Right. Basically the Mrs has bought a new house and I'm looking for a big, mean looking tv. I'm not interested in 3d and I'm not too bothered if it's plasma, LCD, LED, IED or STD. My budget is around $1500 and I want it from an Australia retailer. Browsing Harvey norman and the good...
  6. Plow King

    Phone upgrade. Vodafone - 19 Months in

    G'day guys. Signed upto a 24 month contract with vodafone and am currently 19 months in. I really want to upgrade to a Note 2 as my phone is hammered. It barely works. I get about 2 hours from a full charge. the rotation function doesn't work. The speaker is knackered, the volume controls and...
  7. Plow King

    Models (not the semi-naked females and/or male type)

    Heres mine. I know dozer has a couple' lego ones. The first model i made and painted that ended up looking like it was supposed to. The thing on the right is just a metal model i oicked up for $5 Here's one i melted earlier. I was trying to heat up the glue so i could take off the...
  8. Plow King

    You laugh you lose

    I know this has been done before but its funny as hell
  9. Plow King

    Is this the coolest thing ever?
  10. Plow King

    Formula One world championship

    Awww yeaaaahhhh That's all. P.s - Who's going? P.p.s - Hopefully using my connection in Vettels garage to gain some of dat paddock action.
  11. Plow King

    Got a whole bunch of shit to give away

    Got a whole bunch of shit to give away. Magazines, tools, elbow pads etc. The condition is you come and pick it up today/ tonight or in the next few days. I'm in engadine NSW 40mins south of the City (Yes I would of posted in the for sale section but no-one see's it and I need it gone...
  12. Plow King

    My scene by scene review of contagion.

    Contagion in depth analysis bitch is coughing and on the phone uh huh she has peanuts in front of her bithey are in hong kong guy cant walk straight omg a boat im on a subway now im walking door opens im in a house there is a couch omg i feel sick england some bitch looks sick omg im on the...
  13. Plow King

    Cheapest/Best way to get from Brisbane airport to GC

    Any ideas? Car rental is shit, trains are shit and so are the bus fares I've seen.
  14. Plow King

    2009 glory at Knox city cash converters

    Stood out next to the other bikes there
  15. Plow King

    Long shot ~ anybody in Melbourne want to lend me a helmet for Friday?

    I have a track day. Need a helmet? Anyone who can help would be Mucho appreciated.
  16. Plow King

    Introduce your new laws

    1/ If you havnt been been lifting weights for atleast 2 years you're not allowed to have a sleeve.
  17. Plow King

    Optimum toilet strategy

    My opinion. Check under seat for Spiders Check floor for urine and wipe up (Only applicable during excretion of faecal matter) Wipe Seat Place toilet paper in bowl to prevent Splash-back Any other strategies to minimise the chance of aquiring aids, pink eye, flu, ginger-vitis and...
  18. Plow King

    Question . Math people, people smarter than me... Everyone....

    Jesus Christ estimates that by the time he quits work in in 20 years time, he will have accumulated savings of $2.2 million. If the interest rate is 8 % and Jesus will live for 15 years after his retirement because he is taking up extreme irnoning, what annual level of spending will Jesus's...
  19. Plow King

    P Plater Exceptions

    Seriously? Who the hell makes the decisions for these things? I'm guessing there are a series of many 60 year old women in a room sipping on coffee, complaining about how fat they are, and how they have to borrow their eggs from chickens as they don't produce their own anymore. Seriously...
  20. Plow King

    DQT Test

    Anyone done it recently? I've scanned most of the DQT handbook *cough* relevant *cough* What statistics do I have to know?