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  1. b_star

    Kid's Bikes?

    Hey All, Now buying a bike hasn't normally been something I have struggled with... it is normally either finding the money or deciding which forks would go best that I ponder. But I am looking to buy my Two year old a bike for Christmas, and I really don't know what to do. i checked the...
  2. b_star

    o2 XDA Atom PDA Phone

    Does anyone have one? Any thoughts? I am thinking of ordering one this week. I curently have a Sony P910i and really like it. Thanks in advance. Adrian
  3. b_star

    Iron Horse Yakuza Ojiki

    Frame – Iron Horse Ojiki Large Fork – 2005 Marzocchi 66RC Rear Shock – 5th Element Rear Travel – 7” Headset – FSA Big Pig (with reducers) Stem - Truvativ Hussefelt Handlebar - Truvativ Hussefelt Brakes – Hayes HFX 9 HD Brake Levers – Hayes HFX 9 HD Shifter - Deore Rear Derailleur. – XT...
  4. b_star

    Arnette "The Goggle"

    What: Arnette "The Goggle" Price range/Willing to Pay: >$40 Location:Sydney Extra Info: I'm really not worried about the lens, I'm just buying for the frame, as I have a bunch of lens for this frame.
  5. b_star

    Spotted: MTB Punks

    Friday Afternoon around 4pm: So I’m just getting off the M2 (Sydney) on to Mona Vale Road and I spot this white Land Rover Discovery with two downhill bikes on the back. So I pull up next to them and there are five punks in the back. They were wearing their goggles and I think one was wearing...
  6. b_star

    Rear Shock Change

    I have an Iron Horse Yakuza Ojiki Large ( ) It uses a 9inch eye to eye, 2.75inch stroke rear shock. I have access to a replacement 5th Element but it is a 8.75inch eye to eye, 2.75inch stroke. Any opinions on how this may affect the...
  7. b_star

    Rear Shock

    Rear Shock: 9 inch eye to eye / 2.75 inch Stroke. 5th Element or Swinger 6way. Price range/Willing to Pay: Up to $300 Location: Sydney Extra Info: This is the same size as that in: Giant DH (Comp or Team) GT DH-i Iron Horse 7 Point series and Yakuza
  8. b_star

    Marzocchi 66RC '05

    Hey Guys, Well I have just got a pair of 66RC '05. I'm a bit stumped setting them up, can anyone help? I weight about 85kgs, 5"11'. They are on a Iron Horse Yakuza Ojiki (large). I have a shock pump and adapter. Thanks in advance Adrian
  9. b_star

    Marzocchi 66RC vs 66VF

    Does any one know the main difference between the Marzocchi 66RC and the Marzocchi 66VF forks? My query is in relation to the Giant Faith 1 vs Faith 2. Thanks in advance.
  10. b_star

    Lizard Rock Videos

    These are a little old but I only just got around to posting them. Adrian*
  11. b_star

    Santa Cruz Bullit

    FOR SALE. 2002.5 Santa Cruz Bullit. Less than one year old, (Medium size, current model). 5th element shock. 2003 Boxxer Race (recently serviced). Hayes 8? Front and Back. Black Spire Chain Guide. Liquid 3 piece CroMoly crank set. Wheels: Sun Rynio Lite front, Mavic 321 rear. Easton...