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  1. steve jobs' pancreas


    Perhaps some will enjoy the irony of this post, it's certainly not lost on me. Whether you think the idea of growing a moustache in November is naff or not, the idea of Movember is not. Take it from someone who was recently, accidently diagnosed with prostate cancer. When I say accidently I...
  2. steve jobs' pancreas

    Wahoo Kickr - free apps?

    I'm currently using Zwift with my Kickr but would like to be using a free app. Happy to live with less functionality. I've looked around, anyone know of one ?
  3. steve jobs' pancreas

    Derailleur hanger alignment tool

    For the purpose of installing and tuning a rear mech ( new or existing) as opposed to straightening a known out of alignment hanger is it worth owning this tool ?
  4. steve jobs' pancreas


    Does any one here have experience with 9.8 dropper posts ? Read a few reviews, never really sure when a review is a review or a "review"
  5. steve jobs' pancreas

    Food/Diet Carb loading

    The Bobbo aproacheth, and this time I thought I'd put some thought into my pre ride diet. The ride is a road ride 105kms long, 1500m of climbing. Its no three peaks but its a challenging ride for me. I know what works for me on the bike but this time I'll try some carb loading before the race...
  6. steve jobs' pancreas

    AM Optimus Prime

    Frame - Banshee Prime med Rear shock - Monarch plus rc3 Front shock/fork - Pike rct3 140mm Handlebars - Race Face Next SL carbon Stem - Thomson X4 70mm, just using old race face one to be sure of fit Headset - Hope Grips - ODI Saddle - WTB Seatpost - just using a crappy old race face one...
  7. steve jobs' pancreas

    Chasing and facing a new BB shell

    Building my first new bike, I've had the BBs out of both my ancient bikes but now I read of "chasing and facing: the BB shell of my new frame (painted frame) I was really hoping to keep this bike from the LBS and was planning to DIY the headset install, no way I'm buying the tools to do the BB...
  8. steve jobs' pancreas

    Why did you build your bike ?

    Faced with the prospect of needing to replace the Hecklersaurus I am trying to decide between some options, one of which is going for a new bike. Which leads me to the question of choosing between buying off the rack or building one from scratch. As a bike noob I'd be interested in hearing...
  9. steve jobs' pancreas

    Training Log SJP's FTP, slight return

    I'm having another crack at a training plan. Goal is to ride the Half Fling sub 4 hrs (50kms) Equipment: roadie on a kicker snap, hrm, cadence sensor and TrainerRoad for a training programme, mountain bike for real rides, ain't got no power meter so using virtual power. Plan: beginners 6 week...
  10. steve jobs' pancreas

    The Final Fling

    Only gonna do the 50km, not sure I can make the 100 even this far out.
  11. steve jobs' pancreas

    Not long to go now 82 and I'm a goner, 32 years to go. I'm still waiting to peak !!!! I guess on the bright side I could maybe make an argument for a new bike
  12. steve jobs' pancreas


    Christmas is over rated, it can piss right off. Yes I am in retail, yes the ironing is delicious.
  13. steve jobs' pancreas

    Sydney to the Gong

    A while back I enrolled in the 90km Sydney to the Gong ride. I have done zero training, last ride of any sort was 5 weeks ago. I have a new second hand bike that I have ridden a total of 150kms on. This will be the third longest ride I've ever done. How far up shit creek am I ??
  14. steve jobs' pancreas

    You shall not CUT !!!!!!

    Forgive me Moorey, for I am about to sin. I have acquired a used Trek Domane 5.2 with the integrated seat post. I want to cut it by 20mm, it says don't cut, Trek says don't cut. Why cant I cut it? Other brands have carbon ISP and they can be cut. I'm not talking about cutting...
  15. steve jobs' pancreas

    L'etape Australia

    Anyone thinking of this one ? Entry seems pretty exy compared to the gong and bobbo. Still, would be a cool Ride (not the Race, you can have that last climb !!)
  16. steve jobs' pancreas

    Let it go, let it go, something something snow.

    By learning the lessons of the past one can have the opportunity for improvement for the future. But how do you learn the lesson and leave the circumstances behind ?
  17. steve jobs' pancreas

    The Bobbo

    Any Bobboers here ?? tell me the climb out of Akuna Bay to Mona Vale rd is a pussy cat, please.
  18. steve jobs' pancreas

    Project Hecklersaurus

    It seems my boy has been growing, he is now 5'8" and he is looking like a praying mantis on his small adult frame GT. I'm thinking my 1997 Medium Heckler may do the job for him for a while. I suspect that ultimately he is going to be pretty tall. The works I need to do to the Heckler are...
  19. steve jobs' pancreas


    I'm sure there are some abstainers out there, I'd be interested in hearing some stories as to why, how its been etc etc. I sometimes wonder if my life would be better without the sauce, February is looming fast and I'm seriously thinking of giving it a crack at least for a month (nice short...
  20. steve jobs' pancreas

    Stravisti et al

    You can read this in you best Arnie voice if you like " how far did you ride and how high did you climb?" 2015: 1200 km, 18,000 vm 2016 goal: hopefully more Anyone else ? (If this is already a thread I consider myself told, knuckles)