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  1. CraigS

    Old rotors, chainrings, cassettes that are no longer operational/used

    Item: Looking for old worn brake rotors, chainrings or cassettes that anyone is willing to dispose of. Location:Anywhere Item Condition:Not too concerned Price and price conditions:Preferably free although I might be willing to throw a few dollars your way plus postage. Extra Info:I'm after...
  2. CraigS

    Pad viii 28/05/11

    OK so it's my turn to post my PAD. I've been stressing over this for a few weeks as I've tried to do the best job possible. I had some visions from day one about what I wanted to do but some of those didn't quite happen due to several circumstances. All in all I'm pretty happy with what I've...
  3. CraigS

    2011 Appin Rock Wallaby 50km Enduro

    Just some of the pics I got at Appin on Sunday. I missed the first lap as I was only told the race was on that morning. I'm happy to put up more when I get time if you post your race number. I've already had quite a few people ask and most of those are below. Still working on a few though.
  4. CraigS

    Saddle rail - help

    Just wanted to know if anyone has ever been successful in putting a seat rail back in the shell after having one come out? I came off on Sunday and somehow the rail on my Selle Italia SLR saddle came out at the back. I've tried to no avail to somehow get it back in. They obviously get them in...
  5. CraigS

    Settings on 2007 Marzocchi RCX2's

    I figure both 888's and 66's would have the same type of settings in the RCX2 so, can anyone who has used either of these forks tell me how they set them up. I've nutted out both compressions and rebound but am not so sure on the air preload. The manual says to use anywhere between 0-15psi but I...
  6. CraigS

    Check mate, rebuild Shore 1

    So two weeks ago I snapped my forks. This brought me to decide to rebuild as much of my bike as I could afford to do. Many thanks go to Ty at Groupe Sportif for the forks and Kerry and Burt at Phantom Cycles in Tahmoor for helping with the build. It's looks and feels so much better than it did...
  7. CraigS

    Hucks and gaps

    Due to my bike sitting in pieces in the garage, I took the camera out to shoot the boys hitting up some of my local tracks.
  8. CraigS

    Opinions on 07 66RCX2 over 08 66RC3

    As the title says, I'm looking for people's opinions between the 07 66RCX2 and 08 RC3. I know 07 was the last model made in Italy and the 08's had bushing issues but is there any techical benefits with the RC3 over the RCX2? They're very similar in weight at 2.9kg and both coil sprung, so if...
  9. CraigS

    Snapped fork steerer

    Has anyone snapped their fork steerer before? What did you do to fix it; get a new steerer installed (how much $$) or just hang them on the wall and buy new forks. This is my dilema since this morning.
  10. CraigS

    Some Lithgow fun

    So Lidsdale is being closed for logging in a few weeks so I got my butt out there some some final runs. After setting up the camera, I got the wife to rattle off a couple of shots. Heading back out there again tomorrow for some pedally action on the little bike.
  11. CraigS

    Lithgow shuttles this Wed 29th or Thurs 30th Sept

    As the title says; Anyone interested in some shuttle runs of Pony and Gun Club tracks at Lithgow either Wed or Thurs. I can take 4 including myself. Just putting it out there if anyone is keen as it is school holidays and I'll be in the area.
  12. CraigS

    Some Sunday morning antics

    Just a couple from a fun ride yesterday Greg - DH Comp Myself - Shore1
  13. CraigS

    No longer for sale please delete

    OK so I'm wanting some new camera gear and looking for some cash to get it. IThis bike was upgraded to some of the best, most reliable components going, costing @8K including original purchase price. Since then it has had an extemely quiet life. I've only ridden it approx 10-12 times. Item: 07...
  14. CraigS

    Sunday morning antics

    Just a select few that made the cut from yesterdays ride. This photography thing is hard work, had issues with the flash not firing and still getting used to different settings etc. Only way to learn is to keep on trying C&C appreciated
  15. CraigS

    Pics and whips

    Not the best shots, but here's few from our ride this morning. I was trying out my new 50mm f1.4 lense, any C&C is welcome. Please don't ask for location as you won't get an answer
  16. CraigS

    Damaged chain link

    Just wanted some opinions on my chain. I noticed last weekend that my chain has a damaged link that has seized up and won't pivot properly. It's a SRAM 991 cross step, not that old and uses a power link. Could I get away with taking out the said link and repairing it with another power link...
  17. CraigS

    First impressions - Yeti 303R

    First ride of Blake's new rig. Soooooo plush, and fast. Sunrise Blake Me
  18. CraigS


    Hey guys Took the camera with us to Ourimbah today. Had heaps of fun (first time 4 out of 5 of us have ridden there), took a couple of pics. I'm still trying to learn to adjust the settings on manual but I think a couple came out ok. C&C appreciated. Riders: Andrew - Ironhorse 7 point, TLD...
  19. CraigS


    Some of the boys having fun at Kentlyn this morning. Thanks to Andrew for helping me with some photography tips and taking a few too. C&C appreciated Judd - Evil Revolt Blake - Glory 1/Norco Shore (Rockgarden jersey) Pete - Glory DH Shannon - Glory 1 with Totems Craig - Norco Shore...
  20. CraigS

    Easter in Lithgow

    Some of the boys having fun on the other side of the mountains over Easter. I know the pics aren't of the quality of some people on here, but we had fun taking them and riding just the same. Enjoy. C&C is appreciated so we improve the picture quality in the future. Riders: Newts - Black/Red...