#1 gets gears


Queen Karen of Ballarat
The boy has been starting to really enjoy riding a few of the flatter trails around Ballarat but has been struggling on the uphills (inherited his dad's skinny legs). This popped up on FB marketplace for a pineapple and I figured what the hell? Got it home, gave it a tune up and went out and hit the trails.

It's a Fluid Rapid 20" (appears to be an Anaconda brand)
Sticker claims 6061 frame, alu. rims, 6 speed twist shift (might swap that out), par for the price bracket fork i.e. total junk, and pretty average canti brakes. Tyres, seat, bars, stem, pedals - yep... But hey, $50!


First ride review? I think the facial expression says it all!


I need to work on the controls a bit. He's not got the strength for 1 finger braking so need to adjust levers for that.
It sure aint no Commencal Clash 20 but I'm happy he's happy. :D

Cardy George

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Can confirm it as an Anaconda bike, but can also confirm they are much better than a Kmart bike. And, $50, bargain!

That smile is worth so much more!


Being who he is
Yep, was a great afternoon! Bah - just spotted a 20" Giant with a better fork on it for $60 in Melbs. Always the way. :rolleyes:
I wouldn't stress, none of the forks on 20" bikes are any good unless your project comes to fruition or you find another old fork to cut down.

The rear wheel is probably a freewheel, best start hunting for an old rim brake cassette hub and go 1x8 or 1x9 on it when you ditch the twist shifter.