TAS 11sp XT/XTR Derailleur


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Item: 11sp XT/XTR Derailleur
Item Condition: If it works properly i'm happy
Price and price conditions: Cheaper than new?
Extra Info: I'm planning on trying 11sp shifter/cassette with 10sp mech first, but i'm pretty sure the pull ratio is different?

The Duckmeister

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10 & 11-sp. pull ratios are different but close enough to work acceptably, if not super perfectly. Your bigger issue with the 10-sp. derailleur will be sprocket clearance; it's OK with 40T big sprocket, but gets rather argumentative with 42, and simply won't fit under anything bigger.


Likes Dirt
So, might work after all. Looks like I might be selling it to nathanm to go with the frame anyway, so will still need one. XTR preferred, but will take XT or SLX.