150mm dropper post in a Norco Sight Carbon?

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by Stredda, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Stredda

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    Does anyone have experience with fitting an 150mm dropper post into a Norco Sight Carbon? Mine is a 2015 model and I want to upgrade for longer travel and also really don't like the Reverb it came with.
  2. halfstroke

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    I run a 150mm KS LEV in my alloy Sight, it shouldn't be any different for a carbon. The only thing you need to be aware of is frame size, I have a medium frame and a 150mm dropper can only go so far into the frame before it bottoms out in the seat tube. Which means when the dropper is up at max height it the saddle might be to high for yours legs, you can run shorter cranks but it might not be enough. I had to go down to 170mm cranks to feel comfortable with a 150mm dropper.

    Medium or small frame = 125mm dropper.
    Large frame = 150mm dropper.

    Edit, If you happen to get a KS dropper make sure you buy a southpaw lever for it as well, it's far better than the standard KS lever.
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  3. 99_FGT

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    If you've got more than 25mm between the collar and the frame on your reverb, you should be fine. There are options if you don't, some droppers have a lower collar and height mechanism, or as mentioned shorter cranks, platform shoes..
  4. Nautonier

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    Push your current post as far down into the frame as it will go and that will give you an idea of how much extra length you have to play with. Some 150mm droppers are longer than others. It all depends on how tall you are and what your ideal seat height is. Personally I find that 125mm drop isn't enough - the seat is either too high when dropped or not high enough when raised. 150mm is spot on.

    I'm running a 150mm KS LEV in a Norco Range and there is plenty of room to spare in the seat tube. Sight is a similar design.
  5. Stredda

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    Thanks for the info guys. Mine is a large frame so should go close to fitting. The Reverb is only 125mm travel and my Anthem has a 150mm KS Lev and its a much better post in my opinion.

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