2007 Giant Reign 1

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Hi all,

After "borrowing" my mate Jing's Scott Scale 40 for a week I finally caved in and bought myself a "NEW" bike today.

It's a 2007 Giant Reign 1 (which Jing spotted too) which was worth $3000 new and was on a run-out sale at Cranks in North Sydney (still on their site now: http://www.cranks.com.au/?d=5&s=5). I ended up bargaining it down to $1800 cycle away which I thought was a major steal.

Despite initially wanting a hardtail I knew I had to give full suspension a go and it was between the 2008 Scott Genius MC-40 or the Reign. The Scott small size felt way too big for me and the lowest I could get it down to was $2350. I did a lot of research on the Reign which seems to be much loved all over the world. 6 inches of travel, a good all round all mountain bike great for downhills, great for climbing too. I was sold.

Riding it is strange, it's very plush, bobs up and down when peddaling out of the seat (I'll have to make sure the suspension settings are set to my weight - 60kg's), but then I realise I don't have to get out of the seat where I usually would, even going off a gutter is surreal as you can sit down and not even feel it. I'm 100% sure it'll be amazing on the rough stuff.

Here's the spec list:

I had the bike on the scales and it weighs 14kg flat. I'm really happy with the Raceface gear on it, it's all super light so doesn't need replacing. The seat is light and super comfy too. I hate the shifters but I'm sure I'll get used to them, not into the Giant lock-on grips either, bit thin but they will do for now. The Barracuda 2.35 tyres are heavy at 800g each (also the rear seems to be put on back to front, is this on purpose? It's not like this on the Giant web site photos). I am thinking of building a lighter and stronger wheelset for the Giant (Hope/717/eXception) and moving these rims onto my single speed.

All in all, happy with the purchase, looking forward to hitting the trails!

My new beastie.

Holey moley.

Sexy carbon protector on an otherwise ugly ass bike.

Full Raceface Evolve XC set, for the cash spent, impressive OEM gear for sure.

Comfy and light.


Giant Reign 1:
Bottom bracket: Raceface Evolve XC X-Type integrated, outboard (114g)
Brake: Avid Juicy Ultimate 185/160 (389g/345g)
--Ti Rotor bolts
Cassette: Shimano XTR M970 11-32 (223g)
Chain: Yaban chain (264g)
Crankset: Shimano Hone Crankset (783g)
--Shimano Saint chainring bolts (5g)
--Shimano Saint/Hone bash ring (34g)
Fork: Fox 32 Float RL w/lockout, 140mm (1730g)
Frame: Giant Reign 2 (3.5kg +shock +headset cups)
--Carbon shock guard (42g)
--Rear derailleur hanger (14g)
--Ti watercage bolts x 2 (3g)
--Neoprene chainstay protector (17g)
Front derailleur: 08 Shimano XTR FD-M970 31.8/34.9mm (120g)
Grips: Odi Ruffian (103g)
Handlebar: Race Face Next SL 25.4mm Carbon 635mm (158g)
Headset: FSA Integrated (106g)
Headset Spacer: Carbon spacer (5g)
Pedals: Wellgo MG-1 Ti (300g)
Quick Releases: KCNC Ti Skewer (45g)
Rear Derailleur: Shimano XTR Shadow M972 long cage (181g)
Rear shock: Fox Float RP2 w/adj. ProPedal
Saddle: WTB Rocket V SLT Race saddle Ti rails (223g)
Seatpost clamp: OMNI Racer 34.9mm (9g)
Seatpost: Crank Brothers Joplin R 30.9mm Remote (396g)
Shifters: Shimano XTR M970 (250g)
--Ti bolts
Stem: Thomson Elite 0 degree 25.4 x 70mm (172g)
--Giant carbon top cap + bolt (15g)
Tyre: Kenda Nevegal 26 X 2.35 DTC 120 front (671g)
Maxxis Larsen TT 2.35 rear (670g)
Tubes: Maxxis flyweight x 2 (98g/tube)
Wheelset: Mavic 717/Hope Pro 2/Revolution spokes (1620g)
Misc: Lube/cables/dirt ()
12.84kg (OEM: 14kg)
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Holy cow man $1800!:eek::eek::eek:

That's one hell of a deal!
The reign's are my favourite Dually by Far, love thats frame.

Enjoy it man!:D

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Cheers man :) I did enjoy the hell out of it today.

Took it to Loftus this morning and had a ball, especially on the little single trail part, wish that went on for MUCH longer. The bike doesn't climb as well as I thought it would, then again surface was a little slippery. I quite like the SPD's, easy to click into, not sure if I am going to keep them, or not though.

All in all, had a blast, can't wait to do more, especially the downhill stuff which I love the most.

Some photos from this morning:

Car park.

We ran into Anthony in the car park, he seemed to be waiting there until someone with bikes came along! He just bought his Giant Trance from Maroubra Cycles (my local bike store), funny enough he lives in Maroubra and has never taken the bike for a spin too, so both of us had brand spanking new Giants for the day.

Jing and his Scale thinking... hmmm, maybe I should have brought a dual suspension bike too...

Me and my Reign. Impressed + chuffed.


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really nice bike man. i like the look of the whole mid range travel series for giant (Trance x, Reign and Reign x) they look mean yet still slightly subdued. good deal on a good bike, nothing much more could be asked. hope you keep enjoying the ride man.


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I have the same bike mate except I bought mine from cranks for $3000!! Good price mate! well done!

They are awesome bikes and yep for climbing just sit down and the thing will tractor itself up. Great for light DH/FR too. I huck mine off everything I can find. I just got a e13 Dual Ring chain guide cause the chain bouncing off used to piss me off. That and a shorter stem makes these bikes a weapon

Enjoy it mate..she wont let you down


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Nice choice with the Reign 1, Justin. They are great bikes and hands down the best bang-for-buck dually on the market IMO, not even taking into account the superb price you got this one for! Good to see you didn't muck around and got it out on the trails as soon as you could.

So whats next then mate? DJ/street bike perhaps? Full DH rig?
Place your bets everyone... ;)

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LOL Will. I really have to finish off the ss project first! In regards to the Reign. I fall in and out of whether it's a lot of bike for the money. I meam, $1800 isn't cheap and it sure did hurt to fork it all out (well, my credit card got it, lol). But it's capable of stuff way beyond my limits so I'm happy about that, and it's damn ugly (but beautiful in a functional kinda way) so I doubt I'll be blinging it up any time soon.

Titanium i'd say :D
Scary.... I was just about to get a Ti frame for the single speed project!
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A couple of modifications!

I've just recieved some Maxxis High Roller eXCeptions (480g/tyre) and army green DMR V8 pedals from Torpedo7.

Current weight is down to 13.64kg.

On they go!


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The car IS shiat! It pings like a motherfarker up hills. LOL.

A little update. Did the Dam with Larsen TT's (2.35). It was too fun.



Very nice bike champ, i was looking at one of these but ended up getting the Trance...

If you dont mind me asking, how much did your pedals set you back? Want to get a set for the trance so i can swap between them and the clip ins!