2009 Peugeot Partner 1.6 Diesel Van


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I tried to kill a gen 2 Mitsubishi Outlander I inherited at work. Couldn’t. They must have used the Peugeot suspension team, it would hammer on a pot holes filled dirt road like a wrc


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I need to be able to afford the fuel though
I wonder how hard it would be to fit a Tesla battery pack into a Kangoo Maxi ZE... Range and space for bikes.

The cost though would buy a lot of dino juice!


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Back on the original subject, I've had a 2011 Partner from 2013 and have (touch wood) not had any issues. It had about 50K on it when I got it and has about 110K now, so not quite up to the mileage that your looking at. Servicing has never been an issue - always in and out in a day at the local mechanics, and he's never commented on issues with getting parts. Mine is the 1.6 turbo diesel - does about 1000km on a tankful - think it's about 60 litres - so pretty good, especially on long trips.

One tip - make sure you're looking at the longer version - you'll need this to get bikes in comfortably. I can quite happily get 4 bikes in for trips to Thredbo etc, although with todays slacker geometry, it's getting tighter. The short version would probably be a wheels off job for 2 or more bikes.