2010 World Solo 24 Hour Championships

Discussion in 'XC / cross country' started by Rat, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Rat

    Rat Likes Dirt

    It has just been announced they are looking into hosting the World 24hr solo here in Australia.

    I would love to enter (Dream on) but as a shift working, family man, in isolated Tassie I'm thinking getting to a qualifying event and then the race will mean two expensive trips with support and heaps of gear.

    It seems details are sparse, but if I were to do it I would need to be organised now, to book holidays etc.

    Does anyone know which events will be used for qualifiers? and when they are on?

    I would enter in the Masters, is qualifying for that less strict? I came 2nd in a 24hr solo race in March (Kellevie 24) but that wouldn't be an officially recognised event. Would that be enough to qualify for Masters? I'm hoping the age groups would be easier to enter than Elite.
  2. Le Matelot

    Le Matelot Canberra Off-Road Cyclists

    Yep - about 3 weeks ago in post #109. Canberra and SE QLD are the contenders. Expect a decision to be announced mid September.

    Not yet. I expect it will be related to which race gets the gig as the World Champs.

    The qualifying conditions are set by Twenty4Sports. From the Scott last year, if you did > 75% of the number of winning laps for your sex you qualified for Elite, and if you did > 50% of the number of winning laps for your sex you qualified for age-group. So, if the winning male did 20 laps and:
    . you did 17 laps - you qualify for Elite
    . you did 12 laps - you qualify for Age-Group
    . you did 7 laps - you don't qualify

    If CORC gets the gig, then we are planning to propose multiple qualifying races around the country, with some degree of proportional representation. So, you might not have to travel at all to qualify :)
  3. Sumgy

    Sumgy Likes Bikes and Dirt

    That is a great idea.
    Would certainly be good to have some qualifiers where long travel and the associated expense is not needed.
  4. DaGonz

    DaGonz Eats Squid


    I'm hoping to get in based on the grandfather clause... though may still do a 24 before it but that whole "just in case" thing...

    Hopefully they will still be offering it next year :/

  5. DW-1

    DW-1 Dirt Works

    feeling your age... :D

  6. DaGonz

    DaGonz Eats Squid

    I will be next year ;) Apparantly I'm still "young" this year.

  7. Rat

    Rat Likes Dirt

    Thanks very much for the detailed reply Le Matelot, I will keep an eye out for more news from you in the near future :)
  8. Bodin

    Bodin GMBC

    Keen as mustard. Training has begun. I'll be 35 by the time this starts, so I guess that makes me a veteran?
  9. Le Matelot

    Le Matelot Canberra Off-Road Cyclists

    The 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Solos Champs has more age categories than we traditionally see run in the Australian races. For example, at the Scott, its Solo Open, Solo 40+ or Solo Single Speed.

    At the Worlds, it is Male and Female in each of these categories:
    Single Speed

    Have attached the 2009 World Champs results if you want to check out the number of riders in the categories. Not many in some of the categories.

    The scary thing about the graphical results, is how smooth the curves are for the top riders - consistency wins, apparently.

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  10. schmackster

    schmackster NSWMTB, Manly Warringah MTB

    yeh, consistently FAST!
  11. Rat

    Rat Likes Dirt

    Must be soon?
  12. Le Matelot

    Le Matelot Canberra Off-Road Cyclists

    Last thing I heard was that it would be announced at Interbike (which is 21-25 Sep from memory). I haven't heard anything in terms of advance notice - so don't ask, the magazine editors have already tried :)
  13. leftieant

    leftieant Likes Bikes and Dirt

    So... Interbike has come and gone.

    Any news?
  14. jay.jay

    jay.jay Likes Bikes

    From twitter -

    WSC24 Announcement of WSC 2010 location before week ends. Both bid groups and locations are wonderful and for very different reasons. #wsc24
  15. carbs

    carbs Likes Bikes

    Any news, end of the week has gone and mid september has passed.
  16. leftieant

    leftieant Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Nothing yet...

    From Twitter (WSC24): We have 2 very good but different bids, needing to talk with both groups once more. #wsc24

    Come on, make a decision already!
  17. quiggs

    quiggs Likes Dirt

    Just got excited again seeing this thread at the to of the forum all for nothing
  18. Rat

    Rat Likes Dirt

    Yeah I need to know which events will be qualifiers, a workmate is holding back booking his holidays to fit in with me and I can't even tell him if he's wasting his time or not.
  19. adz

    adz Likes Dirt

    You can expect the location to be finalised in the week leading up too the race:)

    RED_RACER Likes Dirt

    I'm hearing it could be tomorrow.....

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