2017 Commencal MetaV4.2 Fox Edition


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After a lot of back and forthing over what new bike to buy, whether I actually needed a new one etc, I decided to buy a bike on which I wont be tempted to upgrade the expensive bits :) because they are already the best currently available.

My last bike(2015 trance advanced 1, buy me, Im for sale :)) I bought to be lighter and more pedally to suit my advancing years and the fact that DH tracks a few and far between these days. But I ended up swapping out the suspension for longer and stronger anyway, so I thought to hell with it, buy how you ride, not how you think you will in the future!

The bike looks amazing and its so good not to have a black or mostly black bike which has been the fashion for quite a few years now. I have had a few polished alloy frames over the years, and they always look so fresh and clean.

Im very happy with the spec of the bike, though I think they missed an opportunity not fitting a fox Kashima transfer for the full fox trifecta!! For purely aesthetic reasons of course :) . Biggest issue is the ridiculous length of the reverb hose, its about 2foot too long, all the other cable lengths are dialled, that is much disappoint!

Frame - commencal Meta 4.2 polished
Rear shock - Fox X2 Kashima
Front shock/fork - Fox 36 Kashima
Handlebars - Raceface atlas Kashi
Stem - Renthal Apex
Headset - Crane Creek
Grips - Ride Alpha
Saddle - SDG Circuit Ti Alloy
Seatpost - Reverb
Seatclamp- Salsa
Front brake - Guide RS
Rear brake - Guide RS
Cranks - Sram GX
Chainring- orange egg from somewhere, cant remember :)
Chain - KMC
Pedals - Gammut Podium
Rear derailleur - GX
Rear shifter - GX
Cassette - GX
Front hub - Formula
Rear hub - Formula
Front rim - Mavic 427
Rear rim - Mavic 427
Spokes - Pillar
Nipples - black nylock
Tyres - Maxxis
Bolts- Ti
Total weight - will have to check spec says 14.2kg but should be a little lighter with the parts Ive swapped and going tubeless

Slapped together on my lunch break with Kashi bars and SDG saddle

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after a bit of playing around at home,fitted-

Ti rotor and brake mount bolts, headset bolt
orange waterbottle bolts
Salsa seatclamp
Renthal apex stem
32t eggy chainring from whom I cant remember! was on my last bike as well
orange dice valve cap on the shock, n wheels, headset spacers, cap etc

Will get some better pictures as some stage, phone has a seal migrating slowly over the camera lense at the moment, makes things a little fuzzy!

Also heard back from commencal re the reverb hose, apparently its full length so you can adjust it to your seat height and apparently its pretty easy, so will be giving that a crack tonight

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Ultra Lord

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10/10 would bang. Commencals are rad.

Pricing looks very tidy in aus now too going off the new site.


Max Pfaff
Very, very nice. Interesting how the shock fits in with the top tube.

I decided to buy a bike on which I wont be tempted to upgrade the expensive bits :) because they are already the best currently available.

I can see some bits to upgrade. :p

It'll never stop, no matter what you've got on the bike. The upgrade bug bites hard!


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lol yes, there always is! as I said a kashima dropper would top it off very nicely, NEXT sl cranks..... carbon rims...... etc. I haven't had mavics for about a decade, will be interesting to see how they go.

I cannot explain to you just how wide and fat the top tube is, its wider than most bikes down tube. Its a very interesting frame design.

Having it arrive yesterday, and then have them announce today the new distro, I thought im boned :p but I think I still did alright, there was no penetration :)
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Eats Squid
Can we get a pic of the top tube looking downward on it from above?

Always been curious if the frame design limited what shocks can be used.

Mr Crudley

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Love the stealth shock placement. I'd buy it just for that. Nice choice

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I cant see any issue fitting any shock in there except for maybe a Vivid Air, the X2 is a pretty massive shock

Mr Crudley

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Neat design and good that some manufacturers are doing things a bit differently.
I gather it is a standard shock and nothing custom made for Commencal? It sure looks factory.


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ta gents. ha You can tell I haven't ridden it yet because the seat isn't straight, that will be rectified soon enough!

Shock is standard, bolts to the yoke at the back, and normal spacer arrangement at the front

Shortened the reverb hose last night, failed though and let air in, as I don't have the required fittings to create my own bleed kit its off to the local shop to have that done. First ride sat! or maybe Friday night :p

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yes, its a eye catching bike in a sea of black, black or blacker bikes!

Well it seems the local bike shop doesn't have a full time mechanic with the skills to work on a dropper, so after leaving it there for 2days and arriving on Friday evening to pick it up and find it not touched was a tad disappointing!! Took it home and managed a bodgy bleed myself with an old brake bleedkit Ive had for many a year :). Still has a tiny amount of air in it but it works a treat and enabled a first ride out at rouse hill on sat morning.

Still a bit of tuning to do on on the suspension, wasn't using all the travel on the rear, so have dropped a few psi n will test it out tonight. The fork didnt feel much different to my pike to be honest, I literally haven't touched a thing on it yet, riding with the pressure it came at! The bike itself rides great, pedals really well with less bob than my trance. Can feel the weigh difference especially in the air. it doesn't have the pop or the whipability of the lighter bike! traction and stability though are massively improved, which is where I was looking for more on the trance, so that's great! The minion has to go though, even new bike legs couldn't reduce the drag and reduction of speed on the flatter bits of trail, before where I could pump I had to pedal otherwise it was like having an anchor out lol! I love the grip in corners and braking it provides but its to much for most of the trails I ride. Rouse hill isn't really much of a test for this bike though, so hopefully I can get down to Kentlyn this week end and throw it off some things :)

kicking myself as I missed the opportunity to grab a kashi fox transfer at a great price from mtbdirect, they are getting out of the 2017 models, but I sat on it for 24hrs and now the one I need is gone :( no golden trifecta for me......for now lol

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