2018 World Cup discussion


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I love watching him for this reason. Like Hart when he’s pinning it. I think it’s just his style, and aside from a small near miss on the weekend, looks in control of the chaos.
Speaking of which, how was Estaque's run! looser than a .....


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Forgive my ignorance, why isn't Gwin at MSA this weekend? Still from that thumb injury earlier?


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I was expecting Blenky to be in Whistler and Ed to be in Mont Saint Anne! Got that completely wrong [emoji849]

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You can only really do that kinda stuff to people you like and vice versa.
I always find it interesting how Danny and Gee interact with him

Also didn't know about Eliot's website ... from the quick look I had its pretty interesting ... for numbers people.


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Shite, just saw that it's not on until 4:00am.

Don't think I'll be staying up for this'n.