2019 Enduro Nationals, who's going?


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Do you reckon mud tyres would work ok at Maydena @rangersac ?
Aye. A lot of the course runs on the machine built berm trail sections where the predominant substrate will be a pretty slick clay. Using tighter tread tyres (e.g. an Aggressor) will just mean you won’t clear that clay and it will be drift ahoy around the berms. Even the more natural trails will be pretty rutted out by the end of the race and traction will be at a premium.


And only one pivot to service after... Such a dream for an OCD maintainer like myself hah
That’s actually part of why I chose it, knowing how muddy it will be. Less maintenance, better tyre clearance.
That, and tyres on hand. Didn’t have much in the way of 27.5 chunky tyres in the shed.
Ordered Felix some Wild Enduro, but looks like they won’t be here in time :oops:


Hold the phone ... I thought you were allergic to schwalbe?
I’m intolerant, not allergic.
I much prefer maxxis any day of the week. The only maxxis mud tyre I had in the shed is one wetscream.
On rocks, schwalbe have been very unkind to me. Heavier and less reliable.
Felix’s new DH rig runs MM’s at the moment. Tyres I was hoping to run on it were too big. Shite clearance on the operator. The MM’s survived Barjarg, and will survive till I get some DH TR minions.