2020 World Cup Discussion


Ask me about Piriformis syndrome
Even with a patchy year planned around her schooling @moorey?

Tahnee out does help that a lot
I think she’ll work it around her schooling pretty well, though she’s very clear how important her education is to her.
TS being out is a blow for everyone, but I think Vali is ready to give her a run for her money.


Max Pfaff
It's tough. You blow through the cap so quickly. Mine obvs just placeholders for now, but I still reckon Vali is good value


Likes Dirt
Back in for another round, last year was a shocker with a very poor start that I never recovered from. Place holders for now but like last year spend all the $ on big names or spread the wealth more evenly. I need to do some research.
Yeah I just noticed how quickly the points drop off as soon you get outside the podium with the women, understandably so given there are only 1/3 places available compared to the men.


Ask me about Piriformis syndrome
Looking forward to seeing young NZ lad Pene on the big stage. Was very impressive at our Nationals last year.
Foundation year for Kye too. Tempted to pick them both, being super cheap to buy and bound to perform pretty well first year in elite. Might go tweak my list.