2021 World Cup Downhill discussion


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You don't like the Mr Diarrhea colourway either? 1970's Datsun owners are going to be mad offended!
I like simple or muted colours mostly.
I’ve never seen a 2 colour fade on a bike that I liked. Trek do it the worst of anyone.


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Rather than start another thread... Is there any coverage of the Nationals from Maydena that are happening now....?


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Stoked for Frew. Hell of a rider, super nice guy, he’s had a couple of rough years. I know Baxter can ride, but Jayzus, that’s a solid result.


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Stoked for Connor to be up to speed so quick. And on a very different bike to the one he’s been riding for 10 years. Hope Troy’s ok???

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I haven’t seen what tracks they linked up, but parts I know are maybe better suited to a bike you can pedal.
Either way, stoked for him! 0.02 off 3rd for Luke MS. I like his work.
Pretty sure they built a dedicated DH trail.