26" MTB frame options for 8 yo girl?


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My daughter is currently riding a Giant Areva 20" bike.

She looks too big for it and is hunched over the bars, however I don't particularly want to go to a 24" wheel option if I don't have to.

I'd prefer to build her up a bike with my spare parts I've collected as I've upgraded over the past few years (mostly a mix of XT / X9 stuff and roval 26" wheels).

I put her on my wife's 26" MTB yesterday (15" frame) and she's not too far off being able to touch the ground comfortably over the top tube. She rode it around ok, but it's still a touch big, and probably would still be too big for the next couple of years.

Does anyone know of a good online source of 13 - 14" MTB frames? Happy to look at cheap chinese frames as she's not going to be hucking it off 6ft drops.

Is such a small frame going to cause toe overlap issues with the 26" wheels?

Failing that, would a dirt jumper frame do the job for the next 3 - 4 years? What should I be looking at in regards to a DJ frame if I go that way?

Cheers for any advice.


Dj frames can be heavy and long. Mate just built up a new old stock small spesh rockhopper (?) for his 8yo daughter. Perfect size.


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I am also looking, my daughter will soon be 8 too, have most of the parts I need bar decent frame and short cranks....


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The Giant XTC comes in 13", aka XS, I sold one off recently that had been gathering dust since T-Rex Junior outgrew it a few years ago.


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My 8YO rides this jigger, it does the job but the BB is a bit low and the cranks are a bit long, she'll just have to grow into it.
It wasn't easy to find an XS frame and wasn't cheap. $150 for a NOS frame I think?



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With an XS or XXS 26" frame you can get enough stand-over for a 8 year old to ride it, but the bars may be too high compared to the seat height. With bars too high, your kid can't weight the front wheel properly and they'll find cornering difficult. If the bike end's up looking like a chopper I'd recommend going with a 24" bike.


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Thanks for the replies so far.

I have a RS SID world cup fork for the build that is 80mm, so if I can find a 13" or 14" frame designed around a 100mm fork, the 80mm fork should lower the front end down a bit.

Good to know the frames are around and might do the job.

Now I've peaked at my upgrade-itis and no longer wish to build another bike for myself (my Spider 29 comp is as good as it gets I reckon), I'm getting the itch again to build a bike, so I will just have to transfer the itch to the kids' bikes now :becky:
My 11 year old was riding his brothers small 26" bike and crashed it a few times the last time he snapped the brake lever so I got him to ride my small 26" home and following him he just had no real control over the bike I kinda imagined me riding a XL bike so just took the plunge and brought him a 24" bike from gumtree it may only last 12 months before he is ready to get back on the small 26" but the bike is a good fit and his control is so much better.


My 8yo daughter rides a Giant Boulder W in XS - extra small size. She does very well on it, but is a tall girl for 8years.


My 8yo son absolutely rips on this:

Its a tazer, with seat forward, 40mm stem and bars rolled back. Bought it for me (always wanted one), but he reckoned he was ready for the step up from his 20". I was dubious, but it was like a duck to water. He races it in our club kids dirt crits. He's in grade 2 but has been riding in the G3-6 class for the last 12 months. He jumps it with confidence and will put me to shame within 2 years....not that it's a very high bar...:crutch:


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I maybe have an old Mongoose Rockadile 24" that has been through 3 kids so far
Heavy sucker but does the job
It has a Psylo on the front with a deore hub laced into the old rim so could run a disc
The front caliper and both brake levers are missing
It's your if you want it
Currently crazed and faded pink
I'm in Melbourne


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I bought the Areva 24" for my 8.5 year old daughter. It's light and seems to fit quite well - should be good for a couple of years I reckon.

Don't forget the paint scheme its important to our little girls :)


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My 8yo girl is on a 24 Avanti Aggressor and I agree that bar height can be an issue, but with the bars dropped on the spacers and short stem and it works pretty well...and, once she is standing, cornering isnt a problem - her weight is in the right place - which is half the point isnt it? To get our girls the bike skills and be comfortable standing over the bike and not just sitting on the seat. Aimee loves my DJ bike too, and at times asks to ride that instead of hers. It is about 3kgs heavier, but i think she likes the K-rads, longer cranks and that it rolls over things better. Aimee has even been on a XS Giant 29er (2013 model i think) that she could still touch the ground on...
I think at this age, if they can get confidence in rolling over stuff on easier trails, they are more likely to have fun and keep coming out. This year Giant has XS 27.5 ladies bikes and that might be an option if looking new.

On her Avanti - it is a purpose built mid sized bike with the right sized brakes and shifters which is important for small hands. it also runs an air fork, She likes the bike better since I swapped out the knobbly tyres for 1.75 BMX tyres (like a small block 8 tread). she doesn't ride hard enough to warrant the knobby tyres, and isnt heavy enough to wash out. The faster rolling tyres make outings easier, so she enjoys it more - now regularly asking to ride to school.


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have you considered something like an STP ?
I rode a friends for the first time last weekend and was surprised how small it actually is.
I'm 5'2" and my feet comfortabley touched the ground knees bent with seat post left to lower, the top tube was not very long at all (but i do have monkey arms). It was great to just sit down and pedal around on.
My jump bike feels totally different and wouldn't make a good trail bike. I reckon an STP would tho.

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I got the Areva 26 for my 8-9 year old. Would lace up some 24" rims for a year or two if I had them and the time. But probably will just stick with 26. Good for just riding. Smaller wheels would've been good for learning skills and more techo riding though.